Museo “La Casa Azul” a museum you can’t miss on your next trip to Mexico City (VIDEO)


One of the most eccentric, yet interesting characters when it comes to Mexico is Frida Kahlo. It is impossible not to have seen her at least once in a picture. We consider the privilege of getting to know her home and making connections with her work.

La Casa Azul Frida Kahlo’s Museum is a creative universe, also known as the Blue House. Here, Frida used to live, and it is also the place where she died.

During her marriage to Diego Riviera, she traveled all around the country, but always came back to this place, and her family home.

The Location

The location of Casa Azul is in the neighborhood Coyoacan, in Mexico City. The Blue House opened as a museum in 1958. Only 4 years after Frida’s death, and as of today, the house is the most famous Mexican museum.

What You Will Discover Here

The popularity of Museo Frida Kahlo is due to the many personal objects of Latin America’s most celebrated woman artists. As such, Casa Azul contains also many of the most important works of the Mexican painter.

Here you can admire Frida and the Caesarian Operation (1931), Long Live Life (1954), Caesarian Operation (1931), as well as My Father Wilhelm Kahlo (1952).

Source: Youtube

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