Monarch butterflies have grown their presence in Mexico


Monarch butterflies have grown their presence in Mexico a study shows.

It gives hope to researchers who track the critically endangered insects despite a decades-long population collapse due to climate change, deforestation, and loss of native plants.

Mexico has managed to preserve the core zone forest of the butterfly, this is a crucial part. And second, there has been a significant increase in pollinator gardens through the work of civil society organizations, the government, and the support of some companies, in such a way that there has been a strategy implementation so two important factors were recognized from the Mexican side, it’s essential to preserve the forests where butterflies spend the winter in the sanctuary. And two, we need to have appropriate conditions during the migratory journey. However, despite the uptick, the monarch butterflies ‘steady decline is worrisome‘.” JORGE RICKARDS, DIRECTOR OF MEXICO’S WORLD WILDLIFE FUND stated.

Biologists recorded the species’ existence in 7.02 acres of Mexican forest in 2021 up from 5.19 acres in 2020.

Source: World Wildlife Fund

Mexico Daily Post