Huawei seeks to preserve fauna in Yucatan with Tech4Nature Mexico


In Mexico, Huawei and the Yucatan government identified an opportunity to develop a pilot project that will last 18 months in the Dzilam Reserve.

“ Yucatan sets the standard throughout Latin America for the use and exploitation of these technologies for conservation projects in protected natural areas”, said Mauricio Vila Dosal, Governor of Yucatan in the framework of the Tech4Nature presentation.

In Mexico, Huawei and the Yucatan government identified an opportunity to develop a pilot project that will last 18 months in the Dzilam Reserve.

“Huawei, in alliance with the government of Yucatan, our business partner, identified and collaborated under our global initiative called Tech4Nature, this alliance will develop a series of algorithms based on artificial intelligence for data processing and acoustic images, whose data will be available for the government, researchers, students, to advance their conservation strategies”, Wakie Wu, vice president of Huawei Latin America, explained in a conference.

This alliance will develop a series of algorithms for processing environmental data, which will be used by the Government and the conservation ecosystem to speed up decision-making based on data, streamline processes and reduce costs to achieve more effective conservation.

“This gives us hope for the conservation and sustainable use of our biodiversity, always for the benefit of our communities and all our ecosystems,” said Sayda Rodríguez, Secretary of Sustainable Development of Yucatán.

Tech4Nature Mexico seeks to reinforce conservation and understanding of the effects of climate change on ecosystems and threatened species such as the jaguar, spider monkey and others in protected areas in southeastern Mexico.

“We are initiating the development of a pioneering project in Yucatan that takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and other emerging and cloud technologies for the development of the acoustic and visual monitoring solution, which will provide essential information for the preservation of the reserve of Dzilam. Since Huawei launched Tech4Nature, we have taken on the task of using the latest technologies to promote nature conservation worldwide. We hope that with the technological effort, more and more fields can enjoy the benefits of technology, and like the vision of our TECH4ALL initiative, leave no one behind in the digital world,” said Wakie Wu, vVice President of Huawei. Latin America and director of the board of Huawei Mexico.

Nadine Seleem, program officer for the Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) stated that this project seeks to create the foundations for the generation of biodiversity bonds, in addition to triggering investment opportunities focused on conservation.

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