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Video: Massive assault on Queretaro highway: more than 300 motorists were ambushed

A group of assailants took advantage of the intense vehicular traffic to rob motorists who were stranded in traffic.

While they were stopped by the traffic generated in the Libramiento Noreste “toll road 57d”, in Querétaro, motorists were victims of an assault by a group of young people at kilometer 27 during the early hours of Friday, May 20.

According to local reports, the massive assault took place near the community of La Solana, in Santa Rosa Jáuregui. According to the testimony of the affected drivers, they were going from the Querétaro – San Luis Potosí highway towards the Mexico – Querétaro highway.

However, traffic was too slow, resulting in long queues of cars unable to move forward. It was there that about six individuals took advantage of the moment to strip the motorists and truckers of their belongings by using firearms.

It was at kilometer 27, at approximately 6:20 in the morning, when a group of six young people who, according to the testimony of one of the victims, were not over 20 years of age, ambushed them and snatched their belongings. because the vehicle in which they were transported was stranded due to the intense vehicular load.

According to the testimonies of the victims, the assailants were between 16 and 20 years old (Photo: Twitter@danbilcerdian)

Among the items taken from them were cell phones, cash, and purses. According to the citizen, they were not the only victims of the assault, because the cars that were in front of them -including vans, private vehicles, and trailers- were also approached to steal their personal items.

” It was easy more than 300 cars because they would hit one car after another,” the woman commented in a video that was shared on social networks. Regarding the weapons used, she pointed out that they were probably “fake”, that is, they were not real, since she reiterated that the group of assailants were between 16 and 20 years old.

However, it should be noted that, according to preliminary reports, at least two people were injured in events related to this massive assault. For her part, the woman reported that some vehicles tried to back up, but due to the huge queues they could not move backward or forwards.

“We were boxed in,” the woman assured. She even indicated that she witnessed how a red truck had to stop because a person who was on board was injured. The truckers who were injured were taken to the Chichimequillas toll booth to receive care and assistance from the police, according to local media.

The people who were injured were taken to the Chichimequillas toll booth to receive care from the authorities (Photo: Twitter@SSPMQueretaro)

At the scene, Civil Protection and Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) personnel treated them and ruled out the need for them to be transferred to the hospital. Meanwhile, members of the state and municipal police of El Marqués arrived at the Libramiento Querétaro to address citizen complaints.

Some of those affected requested that they not be charged for access to the Chichimequillas toll booth, as they claimed that the assailants robbed them of all their money. The testimonies agreed that it was a group of young people between 16 and 20 years old, who left the hilly area to rob vehicles. So far, the Querétaro Prosecutor’s Office has not ruled on what happened.

According to local media, on April 22 the death of a 57-year-old truck driver was recorded. His companion reported that the trailer in which they were being transported suffered a breakdown at kilometer 27. It was there when a couple of individuals assaulted them with firearms; however, the driver was hit by a bullet, for which he lost his life.

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