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“Mexico has been more of an enemy than a partner for the US” says US congressman

Mexico has no interest in being a good-faith partner of the United States

In an opinion piece published on Fox News, Congressman Carlos Gimenez, from Florida, stated that Mexico has taken advantage of the weakness of the Joe Biden government to delegate responsibilities to the US while failing to attend to that country’s strategic priorities. .

Taking advantage of the weakness of the administration of President Joe Biden, Mexico has become more of an enemy than a partner of the United States, considered Republican deputy Carlos Gimenez.

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In a opinion piece published on Fox News, the congressman from the state of Florida pointed to the closeness of Mexico to Cuba and the flow of Central American and Haitian migrants to the US as some of the problems that exemplify how Mexico takes advantage of the Biden administration.

“In the course of Biden’s presidency, a major national security and humanitarian crisis has erupted on the southern border, while both President Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas show little interest in resolving them. This weak and cowardly decision by the Biden administration to reverse the Stay in Mexico policy promotes Mexico delegating its border security responsibilities to the US instead of stemming the flow of migrants from South and Central America,” he maintained.

“Mexico has abused the lax policies of President Biden to also free itself from the responsibility of combating human traffickers and drug cartels, leaving it to the United States while allowing the free transit of migrants to reach our border.”

In comparison, Gimenez praised Trump’s immigration policies, because in his opinion, by implementing the Stay in Mexico program, it forced our country to be more severe in the containment of migrants.

Immigrant men from many countries are taken into custody by U.S. Border Patrol agents at the U.S.-Mexico border on December 07, 2021 in Yuma, Arizona. Governors from 26 states have formed a strike force to address the crisis at the border.

As for rapprochement with Cuba, the Republican representative from the 26th District pointed out that the island has been the big winner. He mentioned the agreement between Mexico and Cuba for 500 Cuban doctors to provide services as a strategy to finance Cuba’s espionage against the United States and a political apparatus that represses opponents.

“Our foreign policy must reflect the fact that Mexico cannot be considered a good ally and partner but rather another actor that navigates in the US orbit looking for an opportunity to exploit us. Unfortunately, the extreme weakness and ineptitude of President Biden has given Mexico that opportunity. We must rebalance our relationship with Mexico so that they take into account our strategic interests”, he concluded.

President Biden, by contrast, doesn’t seem too bothered by it.

Mexico cannot be trusted as a good-faith partner and ally, but rather, as yet another actor in the world-circling around the United States and waiting for an opportunity to exploit. We must rebalance our relationship with Mexico so that Mexico is kept in check with our strategic interests.

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