Brushing Up Your Spanish is as Easy as Reading the Newspaper 


Spanish is the fourth most spoken language globally, with approximately 534 million speakers. 

Being such a popular language, many people from around the world have needed to learn this language. 

Additionally, many others who learned Spanish but then stayed long without using it may have gotten a little rusty and are looking to brush up on what they once knew. 

If that feels like you, this post will help you get back to your old Spanish fluent self.

Enroll In an Online Spanish Course

You could have learned Spanish for its love, or you have relatives who speak it from whom you picked basic Spanish, which can be fine if you only need a little to get by. But if your work or other circumstances demand that you learn Spanish, brushing up your Spanish through formal training may be a good idea.

There are two options for learning Spanish; getting one-on-one training with a native Spanish teacher or enrolling in a Spanish class. The former can be pretty expensive and cannot guarantee that you will learn from a native of your target dialect. 

If you are serious about brushing up on your Spanish and have a target dialect in mind, you may want to enroll in online classes. However, you will want to consider a reputable language training platform like Lingoda for the best results.

Read Children’s Comic Books 

Reading children’s comic books may feel like a joke, but it works. 

You are essentially a “kid” in your target language. And as a beginner or when trying to get back to your fluency levels, you will want to interact with literature with simple sentence structures, vocabulary, and grammar. 

Children’s books fill you in on the language basics you need to get you going. If you can grasp everything in the not-so-complex children’s books, you can comfortably engage in any conversation in Spanish or even tell a story. 

For the most part, communication in any language fluently is not all about learning complex words and vocabulary. It’s about grasping the simple aspects of the language.

Watch Telenovelas

Constant exposure to language is a great way of learning when combined with other methods. If you are not new to Spanish but feel you have lost some Spanish mastery, you can brush it up by watching telenovelas. 

If you are used to Hollywood movies, telenovelas may not feel like something you want to spend your time watching. But it is not entertainment you are looking for but a mastery of Spanish. 

Watching telenovelas and other Spanish content can help you learn how to contextualize words, expressions, and phrases critical for everyday Spanish communication.

Listen To Spanish Talk Shows on Radio

There are thousands of Spanish radio stations globally, so you do not have a shortage of choices. Besides tuning in from your stereo, the internet has endless choices for radio talk shows. You only need to identify the dialect you want to learn and listen to radio stations based in the region that speaks that dialect. 

The best thing about listening to stations from a region that speaks your target dialect is that you learn more than the language. You also get to learn the culture and its slang. 

Learning a specific region’s culture and everyday language becomes particularly important if you learn the language intending to move because it helps you fit in much faster.

Surround Yourself with Spanish Speaking Friends

The best way to be fluent in any language is by immersing yourself in a community that most of the time speaks the language. 

Fortunately, regardless of where you live, you may not have to look very far. There could be one or several Spanish-speaking people in your office or gym, or you could know a friend that has a Spanish-speaking friend.

If you have never considered hanging out with them, it could be time you did it. Ask them if they could be willing to help you out just by hanging out and using Spanish in your conversations rather than English.

People close to you will be more than willing to help and correct you where you go wrong without making you feel stupid, which can be discouraging.

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