Why Mobile Gaming Is Thriving Across The Globe?


Mobile phones were designed originally to make communication easier and inexpensive but as time passed and new technologies came, these mobile phones started to become better and better. These mobile phones have become so better and more powerful that they can perform nearly everything that a modern-day computer or laptop does.

One of the things for which mobile phones are so popularly used across the globe nowadays is gaming. Mobile gaming has become very popular in recent years and mobile users all over the world are now playing different kinds of games on their mobile phones. Due to these reasons, mobile gaming has become a huge market for both users and also for developers who are actively developing new games to attract users. The question here is why is mobile gaming so thriving right now? That is what we are going to find out below:

Mobile Phones Are Affordable

The first reason why mobile gaming is thriving and so popular is affordability. We have gaming PCs and consoles like Xbox and PlayStation available that can offer next-level gaming experience with advanced graphics but the problem with these is that these are expensive gadgets that everyone cannot afford. There is no doubt that these gaming machines are powerful but the problem is that not everyone can buy these powerful machines and invest huge amounts of money in them.

On a mobile phone, it is much easier to play games. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone nowadays because it has become a necessity for many. Instead of spendings hundreds of dollars on a gaming console, anyone can play games on a mobile, even if it’s a low-end mobile phone. And not everyone wants to play graphics intensive video games, they just want to play games in their leisure time and mobile phones provide an affordable way to do so.

Mobile Games Are Free To Play

Another problem with expensive gaming consoles is that gaming titles are very expensive and the latest gaming title can cost you $40-50 but with mobile phones, most of the games are free to play. For mobile phones, we have native app stores like Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS devices, respectively. We also have alternative app stores such as TapTap where you can find the majority of the games for free.

Instead of spendings so much on games, one can easily play games on mobile phones for free. Most people cannot afford to buy expensive gaming consoles and expensive gaming titles just to get a gaming experience. They rather prefer to play games on their mobile phones of which the majority of the games are free to play. Due to this reason, most mobile games are able to attract a huge number of people compared to high-budget gaming console games.


The convenience factor of mobile phones can also not be neglected. Mobile phones are compact hand-held devices that one can use anywhere. The portability and ease of access that you get with mobile phones is something that you don’t with other gaming platforms. Wherever you are, whether you’re taking a bus to work or waiting for your turn at a doctor’s clinic, you can always use your mobile phone and play your favorite games. 

Mobile games are convenient to play because you just need to open the game and start playing it without the need for any additional accessories. Auto Clicker mobile games like Cookie Clicker, Egg Inc, Almost A Hero, etc have become really popular and the reason behind their popularity is convenience because you can play mobile games at any time and any place. This convenience is another major factor why mobile gaming is thriving.

Fun With Friends

Most mobile gamers are teenagers and young adults who can play their favorite games with their friends. We now have multiplayer games like PUBG Mobile, Among Us, Apex Legends, etc that elevate the fun by allowing gamers to play with their friends. It doesn’t matter how far your friends live from you, through mobile phones you can enjoy playing games with your friends remotely.

Mobile gaming is gonna keep thriving and it is going to stay as long as mobile phones are here and there is no question about it. Mobile gaming has already become a multi-million dollar industry and mobile esports is also gaining recognition. As smartphones are becoming better and better & more affordable, we can expect mobile gaming to become even better and thrive even more across the globe.

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