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The Russian Bivol gives “Canelo” Álvarez a holy beating

In boxing it is inevitable and last night, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez suffered the second and unexpected defeat of his career. The Mexican looked unrecognizable, without the usual domain and without the usual solvency. He could not in a big category, light heavyweight, against an intelligent and firm champion, the Russian Dmitry Bivol, who retains the WBA belt. The revenge, however, remains on the table.

“In boxing, you win and you lose,” said  Canelo at the end of the fight; “I feel like I did enough to win, but I lost and you have to accept it. I don’t think it was because of the weight difference. But it doesn’t stay that way.”

Bivol looked intact as if he hadn’t fought that very night.

“I am the best and I keep my belts,” said the Russian; “I respect Canelo, but I believe in myself, if you don’t believe in yourself, who is going to? I felt Saul’s punch, he has speed and power, but that was his mistake: throwing only power shots. It was a great night in which I enjoyed everything, even the boos, all that gave me energy”.

Canelo was unable to repeat the feat of the super middleweight division, where he swept the category. The unusually strong, surprisingly intelligent rival did not allow it. Six centimeters shorter in height, which the red-haired fighter said would not affect him as he is used to dealing with bigger men. His disadvantage of him would be compensated with speed and a musculature that when he hits does damage. But things didn’t turn out the way he thought. Bivol took blows as if thrown at him by a young apprentice.

Dmitry Bivol entered the ring wrapped in the stigma of his nationality. Without the flag of his country or his anthem; instead, he was greeted with a loud boo from the crowd.

Canelo, an overly experienced showman, put on a show before he even stepped into the ring. Mariachi, dance and party, the obligatory repertoire in allusion to May 5, the date that Mexicans in the United States celebrate to endorse their identity.

The man from Guadalajara has reinterpreted his roots. Yes, mariachi, but performing a piece of hard rock, the eighties hit  The Final Countdown. Yes, with jorongo, but from Dolce & Gabbana.

As soon as it started, Bivol attacked with a jab to keep that muscular block that was  Canelo at a distance. He responded like lightning with a classic two-punch combination. But for the first time, his blows seemed to lack the dynamite of other times. It wasn’t Canelo, it was the immeasurable Bivol.

The Russian began to loosen up as the episodes progressed. The most agile hands against the man from Guadalajara, but he took off the blows with the skill of a conjurer, gloves and arms to take off the enemy hands, the waist to become unattainable. There is some syncopation in Canelo ‘s rhythm, cut movements that are not easy targets for the opponent. Dodge, for the Mexican, is a major art.

When  Canelo was static, he analyzed the rival’s body. He lurked. And if he couldn’t hurt the face, he would attack down. The old boxing maxim: punish the body and the head will fall on its own. But with Bivol, that phrase lost its meaning.

Without a doubt, Bivol studied the man from Guadalajara and knew how to face him. Not only the reason why he has successfully defended his belt eight times, but also because he also took the blows without flinching. As if they were an imitation and not the powerful fists that the Mexican has.

Eddy Reynoso was trying to correct  Canelo. “Don’t abuse the ropes. Put your hands up,” he would order.

Dmitry showed unexpected intelligence. Backward boxing, walking backwards and counterpunching. And  Canelo‘s face accused the punishment. The Mexican’s blows were lost in a fight where he couldn’t hit the target and when he hit they didn’t hurt. The fight was getting out of hand. In the end,  Canelo was lost in the ambition of his adventure.

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The Mexican Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez lost for the second time in his career against the Russian Dmitry Bivol and the memes were not lacking… Do not miss them!

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7. He was shocked… 

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8. As a gas tank and water bottle

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9. With a luxury breakfast you get over it

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10. Not even Adame dared so much

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11. Much show before the storm

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12. No one expected it

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13. Oh wow!

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15. Straight into the Russian snow… 

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