Don’t miss the greatest Salsa Festival held in Mexico, find out where and when “Salsa Fest 2022”


The investment by the government of the state of Veracruz will be 20 million pesos

Salsa Fest, one of the most popular musical events in the country, returns after a two-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The festival will take place in Boca del Río, Veracruz, and on this occasion it brings as stellar artists Óscar de León, Sonora Carruseles and Diego Morán, among others.

It will seek to promote tourism to benefit all social sectors in the area. 

“Tourism is the second most important branch that generates the economy at a national and global level, leisure and entertainment tourism is the item that generates the most economic spill,” said Iván Martínez Olvera, undersecretary of Promotion and Tourist Attention of the state of Veracruz, who worked together with the organizers of the contest and hotel and restaurant groups for the return of the festival. 

Martínez Olvera also shared that this will help to have an economic benefit, both in the city of Boca del Río and in the metropolitan area, due to the large influx of public that is expected and for which they are preparing.

“Not only do we generate the attendance of 230,000 people at the salsódromo, because the attending families are accompanied by people who only travel for tourism purposes and not to enter the festival, we are contemplating 600,000 visitors in the metropolitan area, and that generates an economic spill that permeates all social segments,” said the official. 

The investment by the government of the state of Veracruz will be 20 million pesos, which was made taking into account the spillover from other editions of the festival, where more than 200 million pesos were generated, a figure that is sought to be exceeded this year. according to the information offered by Olvera.

“The expectation is to reach 300 million pesos in economic benefits,” he said. 

Attendance at the event will be completely free, and the reservation of tables to appreciate the concert will cost approximately 500 pesos. 

The attendance of the Mexican public and seven other countries is expected. 

The city of Boca del Río is four hours by car from Mexico City, so attendance by people from the capital is expected to be high, said Undersecretary Olvera.

Salsa Fest 2022: online registration or wristbands? What you need to know to enter the festival

 the favorite season of the year for many, especially Veracruzans, as Salsa Fest 2022 will be held. An event that was suspended for 3 years but is back with everything! This time we tell you everything you need to know to enter the festival and whether registration will be online or with wristbands .

It should be noted that the Salsa Festival will take place just one month before the Veracruz Carnival. With these two massive events it is expected to receive thousands of tourists who will help generate a good economic income. And you, are you going to miss them?

Obtaining tickets for Salsa Fest 2022 is very simple, for the moment users who wish to attend must follow the following steps:

-Access the Ticket Box website and select the event: Salsa Fest 2022.

-Choose the day you want to attend (remember that it will be held from June 2 to 4).

-Select the number of tickets required.

-Create an account on the platform, for this the site will ask you for some information such as name, address and email.

-The tickets can be printed or sent to the email of the interested person.

-Best of all, tickets are completely free!

Getting tickets for Salsa Fest 2022 is very simple, you just have to follow a few steps | Photo: Pexels

Will they deliver bracelets to access Salsa Fest 2022?

According to the Boca del Río City Council, the option of delivering bracelets to those who wish to attend the Salsa Festival is being analyzed.

This is because access is intended to be limited.

Juan Manuel Unanue Abascal, municipal president of Boca del Río said that he will propose this alternative since several people have gone to the municipal palace to request tickets.

It is expected that in the next few days it will be confirmed whether, in addition to the electronic tickets, bracelets will be distributed to enjoy this event that will feature the participation of several salsa singers who will make the public dance and sing.

Salsa Fest 2022: The best places to stay and be close to the festival in Veracruz

If you are thinking of attending Salsa Fest 2022 and you still don’t know where to stay, we tell you the best hotels near the festival

This 2022 the Salsa Fest will take place , a representative event of Veracruz that was suspended for 3 long years, but that returns with everything! The invited artists and the dates have already been announced, so if you are thinking of traveling to Veracruz to be able to witness it, we recommend the best places to stay and be close to the festival in Veracruz.

It should be noted that the Salsa Festival will be held a month before the Veracruz Carnival, another of the most important and internationally recognized events. If you like to dance, get ready to take your best steps!

When and where will Salsa Fest 2022 be?

Dance and music will fill all Veracruz residents and tourists who attend Salsa Fest 2022 with joy . The event will take place from June 2 to 4 at the largest Salsódromo in Mexico.

The confirmed guests for this salsa party are: Nklabe, La India, Los Van Van de Cuba, Sonora Carruseles, Tito Nieves, Jerry Rivera, Diego Morán, Víctor Manuel and Óscar León.

“People are already beginning to talk about this unique event that, in addition to being free, brings together the highest exponents of this genre and is a pride of Veracruz,” said Cuitláhuac García, governor of Veracruz.

Where can I stay to be close to Salsa Fest 2022?

The Salsa Fest will take place at the Salsódromo de Veracruz , located in Hermenegildo Galeana, Costa Sol, 94290 Boca del Río, Ver., therefore, you should stay near that area. There are countless hotels according to the budget and taste of each person.

Hotels near Salsódromo de Veracruz:

-Veracruz Square Gallery

-Veracruz Mission

-Boca Veracruz Boutique Hotel

-Hilton Garden Inn Boca del Rio

-Hotel Villa Florida Veracruz

-Holiday Inn Boca del Rio

-Veracruz Royal Road

-Hotel Mocambo

-Xka’n Hotel Boutique

-Four Points by Sheraton Veracruz

-Mediterranean Suites

The Airbnb platform is also an excellent option to find a place to stay, it is very easy to use, you just have to specify the date of your arrival and departure, the number of people who want to stay and the location. Once you have chosen the option that best suits your budget and needs, you just have to check the availability of dates, book and select your payment method.

Remember to book in advance, because during the summer it is common for dates to be saturated.

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