AMLO criticizes the US: it gave Ukraine 30 billion dollars and nothing to Central America


The Mexican president criticizes the United States Congress for the lack of economic support for the application of social programs.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), met this Thursday in Guatemala with the president of that country, Alejandro Giammattei, from where he criticized the lack of support from the US Congress for the approval of resources to be allocated to social programs in countries from Central America.

During a message addressed to the media and citizens of both countries, the president assured that it seems “inexplicable” that the North American nation has preferred to allocate 30 billion dollars to “support the war in Ukraine” than to approve only 4 billion of dollars for the “welfare generation”.

“It seems inexplicable to me that in Washington the approval of the 4 billion dollars that they offered to invest in the generation of well-being in Central American countries has been so delayed, even when President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been making arrangements for it. They are different things, it should not be compared to a blank slate, but more than 30 billion dollars have already been approved to support the war against Ukraine and we have spent four years, since President Donald Trump was here, proposing that it be supported with 4 billion dollars and to this day there is nothing,” he stressed.

In this way, López Obrador stressed that they will continue to insist that economic support be extended to Central American countries, in order to achieve growth throughout the American continent.

“That is why we are going to continue to respectfully insist on the collaboration of the United States, beyond the migratory phenomenon, I am convinced that our America must move towards an economic and commercial integration without exclusions, regardless of ideological differences… on an equal footing between our nations, that no one excludes anyone, enough of the hegemonies, of the policy that has been imposed for more than two centuries in our America, we need unity, respect for the sovereignties of all countries”, he added.

AMLO calls for support between nations

López Obrador stressed that international cooperation will be the only way to combat the social problems that afflict neighboring nations, whose difficulties have led them to leave their countries of origin.

“I am aware that in order to apply programs like the ones we are carrying out in Mexico in these sister nations, it is essential that the United States provide the necessary resources and on several occasions I have addressed the matter with President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, and with other Washington officials,” he reiterated.

Likewise, the president expressed that collaboration between nations will lead to “putting an end to the painful phenomenon of migration that causes a lot of pain and death. We cannot face the phenomenon of migration with border posts or with more severe laws, walls and police, but with well-being and peace at the departure points of travelers, at the places of origin of migrants.

It should be noted that the economic support from the United States is intended to implement social programs in different Central American countries, such as Youth Building the Future and Sembrando Vida.


Mexico Daily Post