After two years Labor Day parade returns to CDMX (VIDEO)


Mexico City (May 1st, 2022).- After two years in which the Covid-19 pandemic prevented massive acts from being held on Labor Day, this Sunday, May 1.

Hundreds of workers from different labor organizations and unions took to the streets of downtown Mexico City to march towards the Zócalo of the capital, where they endorsed the call to respect labor rights.

Various contingents gathered around the Monument to the Revolution, in the Juarez Hemicycle, on the corner of 5 de Mayo and Eje Central, and next to the Torre Latinoamericana.

From there, each one on their own advanced to the Zocalo where a stage with sound was already installed to make the pronouncements.

The demands were common among the different unions: better salaries, pensions that are not calculated in UMAs, respect for collective contracts, the willingness of the employer sector to sign new contracts, and openness of the government to listen to their demands.

At the same time, they denounced that the pandemic caused damage to the working class, and even the economic reactivation is sought at the expense of the workers.

Source: UNO TV

The Mexico City Post