Becan: one of the most underrated ancient Maya cities in Mexico


If you thought Chichen Itza was impressive, just wait until you feast your eyes on Becan.

Located in the state of Campeche, Becan is one of several Mayan sites near Calakmul and is one of the most impressive, yet thoroughly under-visited.

The site sits on approximately seven acres, where 20 structures are open to the public.

The massive pyramids are what set this site apart, though they allegedly were built to show more than function.

Case in point: the presence of many fake stairways and false entrances.

At the time of its height, Becan was a major capital of the Rio Bec province and was one of the many cities that battled Tikal in Guatemala.

A moat surrounds the city, and there is evidence of walls and tunnels.

Mexico Daily Post