Akkúun Tulum hotel employee who used guest drugs found in room of an English tourist was fired


In addition, the English guests who had the substance was evicted and the competent authorities were notified.

This was announced by the hotel itself in a statement, in which it states that the “ex-collaborator is out of danger and no longer belongs to the team because his conduct violated the company’s policies and values ​​in their entirety. ”.

This incident became viral on social networks from the publication of several photographs where the employee is seen completely rigid.

It was the chambermaid’s own companions and the foreign tourist who uploaded photographs to the social networks of the employee a native of the region- completely “comatose”.

“I came back from breakfast only to find that the maid found my special k bag and we found it stiff,” the visitor posted on his social networks, a message that was accompanied by some photos of the maid lying on the bed.

It is known that what the dishonest employee consumed in the foreign guest’s room was an anesthetic or drug known as Ketamine, which has a fast effect and which in high doses causes intoxication and hallucinations.

The man was stabilized by doctors and was later sent to the municipal jail.

With memes and jokes around the story, these are some of the most viral messages:

Source: turquesanews.mx, noticaribepeninsular.com.mx

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