Morena asks that the opposition salary be reduced for failing to vote


Morena considered that a discount should be applied to the deputies who left the session in which the Mining Law was discussed.

The opposition deputies left the session minutes before the discussion of the reform sent by the President to the Mining Law began to declare the litho a national asset, for which the Morena legislator, Pablo Almícar Sandoval, considered that it should have a discount for being absent.

The deputies of the PRI, PAN, PRD, and PRI left the ordinary session that was held semi-presentially, since they assured that they would not vote for or against since they considered that they should review the initiative of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) on the lithium.

Deputy Pablo Almícar Sandoval requested the discount for opposition deputies who left the session room to avoid voting on the Mining Law.

“I asked that the day be discounted because it is money that moved them yesterday it was shown,” said the Morena legislator.

“Based on article 8, numeral 1, section 2 of the regulation, I want to ask you to certify the absence of the PRIAN deputies by the secretariat and to certify that even after taking the roll call, they deceive this presidency with their absence,” he said. Paul Amilcar.

Opposition deputies leave session on Mining Law

The PRI deputy, Carlos Iriarrte, stated that his bench would vote in abstention, as he assured that it is violating the rule of law and announced that he and his companions left the session in which the Mining Law was discussed.

“We do not agree with violating the rule of law,” he said and the PRI deputies walked towards the exit of the session hall.LIVE / Ordinary Session of April 18, 2022.

While the Morena deputies shouted at the opposition to stay, they even accused them of “taking him out.”

Around 6:00 p.m., the Chamber of Deputies endorsed with 298 votes in favor and 197 abstentions the reform of the Mining Law in matters of exploration, exploitation and use of lithium.

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