Industrias Tajín invests more than one billion pesos in Jalisco new plant


Industrias Tajin, a manufacturer of chili lime seasoning and hot sauces under the Tajin brand, has invested $50 million in a new Center for Research and Field Experimentation (CICE) and a new LEED-certified manufacturing plant in Jalisco, Mexico.

The 161,458-square-foot facility is located on nearly 20 acres, features 3 warehouses and 10 production lines, and generated 1,000 direct jobs and 4,000 indirect jobs. Tajin said the plant will have the capacity to process up to 5.3 million lbs of product per month, which represents an increase of 80% over current production capability.

Tajin said the increased production capacity will make it the global leader in the production and commercialization of chili-based products.

“The global consumption of chili peppers and chili-based products shows no signs of letting up,” said Javier Leyva, director of Tajin US. “Currently, the US is our biggest market outside of Mexico and represents 50% of our global sales. With Tajin’s presence in more than 65 countries and expanding, our multi-million-dollar investment will allow us to meet this growing demand and increase our global footprint.”

Founded in 1985 in Mexico, Tajin’s products include chili powder and hot sauces. The company entered the United States in 1993 and now manages its US commercial activity through Tajin International Corp. based in Houston. The brand entered the Central American and European markets in 2006.

Source: OEM

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