The Interrelation Of Transcription Service And Business


Transcription service (converting speech from video or audio file to text) has become an indispensable part of all types of business. About 25 years ago, an average typist could produce only 35 words per minute (wpm). Fifteen years later, the typing speed increased up to 60 wpm. Today automated transcription services manage to transport a large volume of speech from media files within minutes.

Although machines provide only 90 percent of accuracy, technologies have significantly eased the daunting work and assisted in creating a stable connection between an enterprise and clients. If you still have not implemented transcription into your business, read the article about which benefits you can get from it.

Advantages of transcription for business

Most organizations have already implemented transcribing into their business. When you need content to transcribe software is the best solution due to its speed. Those who require purely edited and accurate text should pay extra for human editing. Regardless of the method of transcription, it brings numerous advantages:

  1. Gains more benefits from virtual gatherings: team members who did not attend the meetings or want to restore their sense without wasting an hour rewatching will gladly apply for a transcribed version. The displayed speech makes working with text easy for multiple participants. In recent years, filled with distance restrictions, online forms of meetings have gained popularity. Transcription of these records provides an opportunity to share the meeting in a compressed file.
  2. Transcribed files occupy less size in computer storage. Everyone experiences the case when a computer system’s free space ends, including a business database. Storing too many video files in the system occupies GB. Transcribed files in PDF or DOC format take the littlest space in your database. Save it for other crucial records, keeping the transcribed document in any text format. Also, transcribed files allow easy sharing. Due to its lightweight, you can transport the files within a second. Once your staff consists of remote workers, they will not lose their GB to catch your file. Regardless of their location, they can always stay informed about the meeting even if they stay on the territory with Internet EDGE.
  3. Fast informing. All team members should be familiar with the project’s aim to perform successful results. Giving a rundown on the basic ideas is very convenient using the automatic transcription. Besides, it costs cheaper due to the absence of human involvement. Once all your team members understand the direction, they will perform their best capacities simultaneously and maximally productive.
  4. Serves as a reference for resolving contentious situations. Transcribed files from business meetings or seminars are evidence of the discussed progress of the case. Transcription is necessary for a court proceeding, legal pleading, summons, etc.
  5. Boosts search engine optimization (SEO): the competitors’ battle in business is harsh. Therefore, placing your service or goods on the first pages of search engines is crucial. Transcription can do this easily. Inserting the keywords into the text will assist in discovering your content and increase brand awareness. The top results from search engines guarantee prompt sales-boosting and make you stand out from the crowd. It increases the effectiveness of your media content, such as podcasts and video advertisements.
  6. Increases content accessibility: those who are often on the go may not always have a superb Internet connection which means there is very little chance of watching or listening to your media content. Text transcriptions allow access to any user regardless of location or Internet speed. This alternative solution attracts those who prefer reading to watching, scrolling the screen in a calm environment without headphones. Keep your chance to pick up potential clients wherever they are and whatever they do.
  7. Remain competitive. The industry progresses every hour and every day. Do not stay aside since many enterprises are already ready to offer all options to hear them. The diverse ways of information delivery broaden the audience, including your potential clients with hearing or eyesight impairments.
  8. Written information is more careful. Moreover, if you are a startup and your team members are not the most engaging speakers, your media content may not gather an active audience. In the hectic rhythm of life, people may not even find a spare 10-20 minutes to listen to or watch your presentation. The annoying ads jumping out of the screen irritate and make people omit them. The textual information is more digestible to customers and catches the interest of its efficiently constructed speech. The interested audience can decide should they read it all or just the most important sentences. You provide an option for what is interesting for them, while media content makes people watch or listen to what your team says. Providing a choice to your potential clients is a service of higher quality. They will support it using the functions of easy-sharing in social networks, their blog posts, etc.
  9. Increases time spent on your website. You never know how much time people spend on your website. Promo videos are not the most effective technique. Due to a possibly weak interest or technical issues, people may skip it or do not absorb all information provided in it. Reading inspires your site visitors to focus, picking up the information they need only. Scrolling their screen, they choose which information is relevant and which is not. Benefit your website performance, offering various options to deliver insight info.

Consider your transcriber as a virtual assistant that can do any text task implementing the most modern and secure technologies. A thoughtful approach in picking the most fitting specialist among all skilled ones will lead to successful business development and prosperity.

Practical appliance of transcription

Inserting transcripts into your business demands reconstructing separate segments of work. Depending on the purpose of transcription, you can implement the following measurements:

  • Pivot a video into a blog. Despite the high ratings of videos, blogs are not less popular. They are popular among digital marketers as separate articles or closed captions. Transcription services provide subtitles services help. If you are focused on media content, add subtitles to it. The function of switching on the language version is applicable for international companies with client databases worldwide. For long files, you can order timestamps to navigate them easily. With the help of professional transcriptionists, your transcribed media will shine. Unfortunately, not all business organizations can boast their accurate subtitles, which looks unprofessional;
  • Transcribe your audio: if you have many podcasts, dedicate enough time to group them and provide transcription.
  • The podcasts of extensive length require a textual version for storage and easy navigation. Provide extra care about your clients and assist in finding the needed information within a short time. Adding the keywords into the text will assist in finding your podcast quickly as well and broaden your audience;
  • Generate a system for the transcribed meetings: gatherings at work are the ground for many references. The catalog with data and thematic supported by accurate transcription is an exceptionally convenient way to use it for various purposes. The classified text content of meetings is necessary for employees and other referential purposes.

That may not seem easy at first sight. Applying for the help of specialists will sort out many issues with settling the records, so it will not be that time-consuming further.

Reasonability of professional assistance

Transcribing will require some investments. However, counting all the advantages of the transcription services, this action is cost-effective. An enterprise has an option to hire:

  • Professional services – are the best option for a regular flow of transcription. A credible organization provides transcription and translation services both supported by machine technologies and human transcribers for exceptional accuracy. The professionals will deliver all complex services such as a textual version of media, translation into foreign languages, and burn your subtitles at an affordable price. You can focus on other essential things entirely, while professionals in transcription will do their job;
  • In-house transcribers: this option fits for small orders or start uppers. If you are looking for the lowest price and not very demanding of quality, you can find many freelance ads on the social platforms;
  • Use software by yourself: if you are very interested in the transcription process from the insight, you can use one of the numerous software for transcription provided on the digital market. Some are free, but most allow a free limited version. Be ready to upgrade the account to use all packages of services. Also, using software on your own is a time-consuming process for non-skilled trainees. You can use this option if you have plenty of spare time.

Digital technologies support transcription services development in many ways and for any scope of tasks. Regardless of the business size, implementing transcription into its work is the right solution. Transcripts broaden the audience and serve better your website visitors and raise brand awareness in the short term.

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