Soni Aguascalientes: Constant leadership as BMW distributor in Mexico


Soni Aguascalientes, the official distributor of the BMW brand in this Mexican state, stood out for obtaining the prestigious BMW Dealer Ranking award for the second consecutive year.

In 2021, there was no luxury car brand in Mexico that recorded a better performance in vehicle sales than BMW. The German company was the only one that reported an increase in the sale of units compared to the previous year.

BMW’s leadership is due to the successful service provided by its authorized agencies around the country. Among these, Soni Aguascalientes, the official distributor of the brand in our state, stood out.

This is reflected in obtaining the prestigious BMW Dealer Ranking award for the second consecutive year. This award, given by the company to Soni Aguascalientes and Euromotors de Querétaro, accredits them as the best agencies in the country for the sales of this famous German brand.

Carlos Alejandro Rodarte de la Serna, general manager of Soni, mentions that the national award is determined through a scorecard made up of quality indicators (KPIs). These evaluate all areas of the agency: sales, finance, service, marketing, operations, customer experience, and satisfaction, among many others.

The manager points out that the award represents great pride and satisfaction for the 50 members of the team. After having to overcome the consequences of the pandemic and the remodeling that the agency is going through, there is no showroom in its facilities. Alejandro Rodarte mentioned that this situation prompted them to unleash their passion, dedication, and creativity.

For this reason, Rodarte highlights the tireless work of each of the collaborators to provide an excellent 24/7 service, which consequently led them to receive first place in the BMW Dealer Ranking for the second year in a row: a historic achievement for the firm.

Encouraged by having overcome a year full of challenges, the Soni Aguascalientes team points to an excellent 2022, in which the consolidation of the company’s new agency is expected. On this matter, Rodarte mentions that it will be the most disruptive dealership in the country, thanks to its elegance and innovation, uniting the three iconic brands of the German automaker: BMW, MINI, and Motorrad in the state of Aguascalientes.

Source: Líder Empresarial

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