How to apply for Visa authorization for job offer in Mexico


Check the requirements of the process to exchange the visa for a job offer and get it in less than #24 hours.

If you are a natural or legal person legally established in Mexico and you need to hire a foreign person, consult the requirements of the procedure to obtain a visa for a job offer.


1.- Valid official identification of the natural person or the legal representative of the legal entity, public agency or decentralized body, decentralized body, state-owned company or public trust, Embassy or Consulate of a country with representation in Mexico, in case of Mexican, or valid residence card if you are a foreign person.

2.- That the foreign person for whom the visa is required does not have an application for a temporary residence or visitor visa with permission to carry out remunerated activities, requested from the Institute due to a job offer pending resolution.

3.- Job offer on letterhead indicating the occupation that the foreign person will carry out according to the classification of the National Occupational Classification System or the one that replaces it at the time, required time, place of work, and amount of remuneration.

4.- Copy of the duly updated employer registration certificate.

5.- A legible copy of the passport or identity and travel document that is valid in accordance with current international law of the foreign person for whom the visa is requested.

Important: In addition to the requirements mentioned, you must fill out, print and sign the application for the procedure, which you can find in the following link:

Mexico Daily Post