5 Best Fishing Rods – 2022 Review


Wondering what are the best fishing rods for this year’s fishing? Then this article is just for you. Here are Gritr Sports’ top 5 fishing rods for 2022.

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It’s hard to overestimate the role a proper fishing rod plays in the whole angling piece. Some may even say it is honored with the leading part, but we know who pulls the strings in this puppet theater. However, every puppeteer needs to keep their instruments in the best condition, and since a fishing rod is the backbone of the whole set that every angler uses to get the coveted catch, it should be chosen with the utmost attention. A good rod is a blessing for both seasoned hands and pristine palms of every yet-to-become-an-angler, whereas a poorly made instrument is a true bane that brings nothing but frustration to whoever touches it. Since fishing is supposed to be a leisure activity and not some challenge for personal development, our outdoor equipment store welcomes no such feelings and thus strives to provide our customers with the best fishing equipment.

As with everything in this market of plenty, there are many types of fishing rods, designed for various styles of fishing. Each of them has been refined over the years to match the manner of angling for which it was intended. While novice anglers may need nothing more than a regular spinning rod, avid fishermen tend to enjoy more styles and techniques for which corresponding rods are a must. Before we get to our top 5 best fishing rods for 2022, we want to explain the structure of our list and tell you about every type of rod that will be mentioned.

Fishing Rod Types

Spinning Rod

Spinning rods are the doormen of the angling realm that greet newcomers and initiate them in the basics of the fishing art. Even as once-rookies gain more experience and set off to explore more techniques, spinning rods don’t lose their relevance. They remain suitable for the majority of fishing scenarios, as their versatility allows them to simultaneously be beginner-friendly and expert-appreciated. Spinning rods may come in various lengths, materials, actions, and powers, but there is one distinctive feature that sets them apart: they mount only specific types of reels, called, unsurprisingly, spinning reels. They are mounted on the underside of the handle, which determines the line guides’ arrangement: they are always located on the same side as the reels.

You can consider a spinning rod a good-for-all classic. We can compare them to a kitchen knife: even though there are blades for every corresponding type of product, this is the tool you use in your everyday cooking. Spinning rods are easy to master, and though not as precise as their sophisticated relatives, they are reliable and universal. That would be the best choice if you are only at the beginning of your fishing journey or don’t want to bother with more complicated styles of casting.

Casting Rods

Casting rods tower over those who have never held them, but with some time and practice turn into a masterful tool that is hard to do without. Casting rods are a mirror reflection of their beginner-friendly cousins, with specific casting (or baitcasting) reels attached on the top of the rod together with line guides. The specialty of these rods is illustrated in their name – they offer casting precision unmatched by any other type of rod. As you can guess, this skill of precise casting is usually honed by more experienced anglers, so these rods make for quite a tough starting point. But there is no way to master anything but to try using it. Casting rods are made from a range of materials, with different power, action, and length. They are a good way to mark your transition from the ranks of novices to avid anglers.

Fly Rods

As much as some of us may consider it another means of modern witch transportation, a fly rod is a very specialized piece of fishing equipment. The major difference between fly rods and their cousins is in the casting principle. With fly rods, it’s not the fly (type of lure) you cast, but the line itself. Fly fishing lines are specifically made heavier while fly fishing lures are some of the most lightweight of all. Fly rods themselves are very light and flexible, which allows for taking advantage of weighted fly lines and casting even the smallest of flies. The fly casting technique is very peculiar and different from other forms of casting, and having an appropriate rod and line is obligatory.

Ice Fishing Rods

Ice fishing has some distinctive features that determine relevant changes in rod design. Since ice fishing is done through holes in the cover of frozen water with the angler sitting or standing near the hole, excessive length of regular rods becomes a real deal-breaker. That’s why ice fishing rods are the shortest ones on the market – usually no longer than 2-3 feet. Such a length makes casting for longer distances impossible but that is not what they were designed for. Ice rods are also suitable for catching only small and medium-sized fish, but you probably won’t pull a bigger one through those holes anyway. As you can see, this rod is very specialized but indispensable for its field of application.

We needed those clarifications since the top we are presenting includes fishing rods of all types. However, we don’t want you to get the wrong impression and think they are all interchangeable. Some of them are, but the rest are the best representatives of their specific niche. Now, the promised top 5 best fishing rods for 2022.

The Best Spinning Rods:


Since spinning rods tend to be a more popular choice among the members of the angler community, there are two contends that made their way to this list. The first one is a make of the renowned-in-fishing-circles brand St. Croix. The Triumph brings unmatched performance for the price. The materials couldn’t be more fitting: premium quality SCII carbon for the blank, premium-grade cork for the handle. Two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish ensure the construction remains protected against the elements and wear. What is really captivating, though, is the abundance of choice. St. Croix Triumph is a series of rods in all possible actions, lengths, and powers. You can choose anything from a 5’ ultra-light moderate-action rod to a 7’6” medium-heavy fast-action one. If you are looking for a sure-to-last high-end spinning rod, this is it.


For those who prefer fishing in remote areas and need their rod to be easy to transport, Temple Fork Outfitters came up with the Traveler. It might serve as a wanderer’s stick to carry the few belongings you might want to take, but it’s even better at catching fish. IM carbon fiber combined with a proprietary lightweight scrim makes this rod one of the lightest among the spinning family, not hindering its high performance. Even though it’s a three-piece rod, the peculiarities of construction give you the strength and feel of a one-piece rod, preferred and appreciated by many an angler. This is a 7’ light fast-action rod that is sure to be a good companion both while traveling to your fishing spot and angling itself.

The Best Casting Rod:


Designed and built specifically for bass anglers, this St. Croix casting rod boasts an unparalleled feel of a one-piece rod while not breaking the bank. It has inherited all the merits of other St. Croix rods: premium SCII graphite blank, hard aluminum-oxide guides, and premium-grade cork handle. What else does one need to catch that brass? And once again, St. Croix pampers its customers with a variety of options: anything from 6’6” medium fast-action rods to 7’11” high moderately-fast-action ones. All in a one-piece configuration, of course. Indeed, one of the best fishing rods for bass.

The Best Fly Fishing Rod


The NXT Black Label makes fly fishing simple and affordable. Enjoyed by both aspiring fly anglers and those with tears of experience behind their back, this rod offers the best price-to-performance ratio on the fly rod market. The NXT Black Label is designed to flatten the learning curve and attract more anglers to try this incomparable fishing style. A carbon fiber blank offers plenty of forgiveness while loading easily for longer casts. The rod is paired with a matching cast NXT BLK fly reel with a stainless-steel alternating disc drag system. The rod is pre-loaded with 20-pound Dacron backing, a premium weight-forward fly line with welded front loop, and a looped leader. Packaged in a cordura travel case, the NXT Black Label is always ready to help you conquer the art of fly fishing.

The Best Ice Fishing Rod

13 Fishing Whiteout

With top-of-the-line performance and styling up its sleeve, the 13 Fishing Whiteout ice rod is one of the top choices for hard water fishing. A durable Toray carbon blank together with Evolve Solo line guides ensure the increased strength and improved bit detection of the rod. The Blackjack reel seat securely attaches the reel, making the feel of the rod even more comfortable. With several length options, this ice rod is your ultimate supporter while at the frozen water expanses.