Police warn tourists in Mérida about price gouging


Despite the fact that Mérida has positioned itself among the most visited tourist cities in Mexico, many travelers warn about the abuses of some vendors. The phrase “gringo prices” is more current.

Despite the fact that no crime has been committed against the passers-by, the Municipal Police of Mérida warns that there are several people who come to ask them for places where the prices are lower.

“We have had to attend to tourists who say that in this or that store they were selling key chains for up to 200 pesos or ‘typical’ shirts (guayaberas) for 2,000. 

Recommendations to avoid being scammed in Mérida

Among the recommendations that many merchants give and the same tourists who have visited the White City are that “check several places until you get what you want at a fair price.”

The Municipal Police has not reported any problem with tourists due to this type of situation. 

In this regard, officer Manuel Canché commented that “it is still very calm. The good thing comes this Thursday and Friday when the Cathedral Church is filled with religious celebrations. 

“In addition, many travels on those days precisely when they leave work and have a little break. 

What are the days with the most tourists in Mérida?

The weekend from Holy Thursday is when everything increases here, walkers, accidents, traffic… we have to have ‘four eyes,'” said the agent.

There are 380 elements stationed for this work in Mérida, particularly for the Holy Week operation.  

The Mérida Municipal Police maintains vigilance in the crossings of the main streets of the historic center, as well as the installation of bases with police personnel in TAME Terminal (69th Street between 68 and 70) and CAME Terminal (68th Street between 69 and 71) and the bus terminals Noreste, Auto Progreso and combis site to Progreso.

Likewise, and on the occasion of religious festivities, surveillance will be extended to the main religious centers of Mérida such as Santiago, Santa Ana, Santa Lucía, La Mejorada, Tercera Orden, Catedral, San Cristóbal, San Juan and La Candelaria.

Breathalyzer operations will be enabled at different points in the historic center in order to provide safety to both pedestrians and drivers and thus avoid road accidents due to alcohol consumption.

Source: .yucatan.com.mx

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