DiDi announces investment in Mexico and ensures that one in two of its drivers earn an average of 25,000 pesos per month


More than 50% of Didi drivers earn an average of 25,000 pesos, according to data provided by the shared-ride platform.

According to the company, that sum is generated by 83% of them, working 40 hours per week. According to Didi, a driver can earn between 130 and 150 pesos per hour.

Didi stipulates that profit for the driver depends on three factors: how many trips he receives, how much he earns per trip, and what rewards he is receiving.”The driver can connect at any time, in any place, in any area he decides,” added Richard Farr, General Director of Mobility at Didi Mexico.

That same flexibility ” is the main reason for driving or delivering through apps,” according to a national survey commissioned by Uber of company delivery partners and drivers, who prefer “to control their own hours, even without benefits, to having a fixed schedule with more benefits “

Within Didi, there are already more than 350,000 drivers and delivery men, in addition to 10 million active passengers on the platform, and more than 1 billion trips have been made during the four years that the company has been in the country.

More rewards for drivers

In order to ensure a good service for its customers, Didi also announced that it will invest 3 billion pesos that will be distributed between rewards for drivers and security improvements to its platform in the country.

Those rewards will come in the form of Didi Points, a program where you’ll accumulate points every time you travel; Those points can be exchanged for rewards that even include trips to the beach.

Points can be generated through different challenges, accumulated and redeemed, and, according to the company, drivers will be able to continue with the “flexibility that defines the company’s model.”

The program is available, for now, in the first two cities: Ciudad Juárez and Cuernavaca, where a pilot test has already begun. Didi hopes to bring that program to more cities soon.

Mexico Daily Post