Mexicans can travel now to France without conditions


As of March 31, Mexico has already turned green within the countries from which travelers with a complete vaccination schedule, regardless of their place of origin, will be able to enter France without conditions.

Unvaccinated travelers or those with an incomplete schedule may travel to France, presenting a negative PCR test (less than 72 hours) or antigen test (less than 48 hours). Compelling reasons will no longer apply.

We remind you that a complete vaccination schedule includes:

  • An initial vaccination schedule with Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, or Janssen
  • If more than 9 months have passed since the last dose, a Moderna or Pfizer booster is needed
  • Applies to people over 18 years of age

In France

  • Vaccination pass is suspended

It is no longer required to process the conversion in a pharmacy in France.

A pass is no longer required at cultural and tourist sites such as museums, restaurants, or parks.

A health pass is requested only to access health establishments.

  • The use of face masks will no longer be mandatory indoors

However, its use is required in public transport and health facilities.


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