Mayan Train worker dies in Campeche due to ‘heat stroke’


A man lost his life on his first day of work in a private company that is allegedly linked to the work of the Mayan Train.

It was a brigade of Firefighters, paramedics from the Red Cross and SAMU, who in a coordinated manner carried out the search for approximately 2 hours since the man had been reported missing, for which he would have spent a night in the mountains before being found lifeless.

The mobilization of the emergency body occurred on a dirt road on the Periferico Pablo García y Montilla between Siglo XXI and Siglo XXIII, however, the unfortunate discovery of the lifeless body was about 50 meters from the edge of the road.

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The man was identified as CAN de la C., approximately 40 years old, where the possible cause of death was due to heat stroke and hypertension problems.

Finally, the area was cordoned off so that ministerial agents became aware of the fact so that the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) could carry out the removal of the body.


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