With offerings and requests, the Wixárika people will seek renewal of the Wirikuta


The Wixárika people began a series of offerings in different sacred places in Mexico City and will deliver a letter-petition to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to demand the protection and renewal of the Wirikuta, sacred territory for the cosmogony of the people, affected by the caciques and extractivism.

Photo: Wirikuta Flower of Consciousness

The town released a video with which they seek to exert media pressure so that AMLO receives the delegation of Wixárika representatives and attends to their demand for the renewal of Wirikuta, a sacred place where the creation of the world occurred and the Sun rose for the first time.

“The search to protect and regenerate Wirikuta is just beginning,” assured the Wixárika people, who on March 19 held a ceremony “for the renewal of the world,” with which they called for “renewing the relationship that humanity has with nature » against extractivism and the destruction of the environment, through artistic and spiritual manifestations.

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Source: desinformemonos.org

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