The owner of famous Chinese House in Mérida dies


(MERIDA, YUCATAN).- On Monday, February 28th, the death of Mrs. Miriam Echeverría y Boldo, owner of the iconic “Chinese house” that is located on the corner of Calle 19th with Lïbano Avenue, in Merida’s Colonia Mexico, was announced. 

The site is popularly known as “the house of the 500”, alluding to the nickname that this lady would have had, in relation to an urban legend surrounding her youth.

(Photo: Por esto)

However, Mrs. Miriam Echeverría was also referred to as a “cultured, intelligent and ambitious” woman, and that would have led her to build that house that is an obligatory reference for all Yucatecans, and whose construction would have begun at the beginning of the  80’s.

(Photo: Reporteros hoy)

The story surrounding this enormous construction refers to the fact that this lady married a wealthy man who had just become a widower, which generated rumors.

These rumors said that the house became a brothel, and the regular “rate” was 500 pesos.

The true story of the “house of the 500” 

However, as we mentioned earlier, the real story indicates that after Doña Miriam married that widower, the relationship did not last long, and when they divorced, Miriam kept the house.

Likewise, Miriam Echeverría y Boldo owned the restaurant bar “El Guacamayo”, located on Calle 60 Norte, which was recognized in Play Boy Gourmet magazine.

The famous house of the 500 located in the Mexico neighborhood.. (Photo: Sipse)

In social networks, are talking about the famous story of this woman and her house that is a reference for all Meridans, and that stands out for its wonderful architecture and its unusual style in the city.


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