How To Get Access To The Internet While Traveling in Mexico?


If you are going on a trip to Mexico then you would want to stay connected to the internet and use different applications like Google Maps, Uber, Facebook, WhatsApp, and also find various points of interest and famous places in the country. If you wish to use the internet in Mexico while traveling then you have several options available including buying your own SIM card, choosing the roaming option, and several others.

So, what are the various options available to access the internet in Mexico, and what are the advantages of each option? Well, that is the thing that we are going to discuss shortly:

Buy A Prepaid SIM Card

Perhaps the best option that you have to access the internet while you are traveling in Mexico is to buy a Mexican SIM Card. It is the best way to access the internet on the go and this option is easy & you can buy a SIM card from various stands at airports, in various shopping centers, from stores of network providers, or online from the internet. 

There are various network providers available in Mexico including popular ones such as AT&T, Movistar, and Telcel. This is the best option that you can get to access the internet in Mexico because with unlimited data, you will also be getting free local calls and if you order online then free shipping to your hotel room.

Use The Roaming Option

You also have another option of using roaming to access the internet in Mexico. It is not the best choice that you have to access the internet while you are on your trip to Mexico and unless you are filthy rich, it is an option that most people cannot afford because of how expensive roaming is. It is an option that is available but it isn’t worth it because of how expensive it is, so it is better to discard this option from the start.

Use A Portable WiFi Router

Another very good option that you have to access the internet while traveling is to use a pocket WiFi or a portable WiFi device. It is also called a travel WiFi router, which is a device that you can buy or rent and use to get access to the internet wherever you take it.

It is a portable device that can fit into your pocket easily and you can take it along anywhere you want to. Most portable WiFi devices have 6-8 hours of battery timing. In addition to that, multiple devices can be connected simultaneously to the network, which can be configured from the default gateway address i.e

These are devices that use a data SIM and you can select a package that best suits your needs to access the internet on the go. These devices make traveling and accessing the internet very easy. Plus, the WiFi network can be password protected through, the login page of many portable WiFi routers.

Opt For Free WiFi Networks

If none of the above-mentioned options convince you then you can opt to use free WiFi networks. You can access free WiFi networks at various public places such as restaurants, parks, coffee shops, malls, etc. Whenever you visit these places, you can access the free WiFi networks available at these places and access the internet.

To find free WiFi in Mexico, we have free WiFi search engines such as Navitime that help you find free WiFi networks in Mexico. These search engines help to find the location of free WiFi points along with download speeds, upload speeds, passwords, and other things related to free WiFi networks. Using these WiFi search engines, you can find free WiFi networks in Mexico to access the internet.

The bad thing about free WiFi spots is that you will have to sit close to the spot in order to access the internet, otherwise, you won’t be able to access the internet once you get out of range. 

These were some of the options available by which you can get internet in Mexico while traveling. Currently, the best option is to buy a prepaid SIM card that will fix all of your internet-related issues. The problem with other options is that you will get additional charges and you cannot share the internet with a roaming or free WiFi network. Therefore, the best choice is to go for a prepaid SIM card with unlimited data and local calls.