Looking for a Lawyer? Here Are 5 Signs of a Great Firm


There’s no denying that looking for a lawyer can be an overwhelming process. With so many options out there, you want to be sure that the individual you choose assists you in the best way possible.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to make the search a little easier. You just need to plan ahead and know what to watch out for.

Below, we will take a look at five signs of a great law firm.

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A website with necessary information

One of the first indicators of a great firm is an excellent website. This shouldn’t just outline the services they offer but also provide honest reviews and statistics on their success rate.

You also want to be able to read about their team. For example, you can view Fontes Law Group’s principal attorney Martin Fontes and clearly see his education, awards, and practice areas.

Simple and clear communication

As you may already know, communication is one of the most critical parts of working with a lawyer. You need to be aware of each step on the journey and shouldn’t be required to ring up about progress frequently.

It’s also vital that they speak with you in a way that is simple to understand. Legal jargon is challenging, and they can’t expect you to know complicated terms and phrases.

Great availability 

It’s easy to forget things after you’ve already met with your lawyer. A good firm and team will keep themselves open for questions throughout the day, whether it be through phone calls or emails.

Obviously, you can’t expect them to be available 24/7, but they should get back to you promptly, especially if the situation is urgent. You shouldn’t feel like you can never get in touch with them.


When it comes to legal costs and billing, a firm should have some level of transparency. They should be open about how they receive payments and also inform you of any hidden fees that may emerge along the way.

This will ensure that you can stick to a budget and help you plan out your spending. The situation you are going through may be difficult, and the last thing you want to be concerned about is money.

Extra follow-up

Finally, a fantastic firm will always follow up with you after settling your case. This could be to check on how you are going or see if you received the compensation you were eligible for.  

Yes, while they may no longer have any actual requirements, it is nice to know that they are watching out for you and going the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with their service. 

Final words

And that’s it. These were five signs of a great firm. By reading through the above and reviewing your options carefully, you’ll be able to choose an excellent lawyer to assist with your case. Remember, the key is to research and always compare your final choices.

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