Morena Senator proposes fines of up to 51,000 pesos for consuming marijuana in public places


The bill in the Health Commission establishes the sale of 28 grams per day and six plants in permitted places.

The Senate unblocked the discussion of the cannabis issue, after the Health Commission, which is chaired by Margarita Valdez, from Morena, began with the analysis of the draft bill to regulate cannabis. The opinion will only allow six marijuana plants per person and the commercialization of more than 28 grams is prohibited, and fines of up to 51 thousand pesos are proposed for consumption in points of mass public concurrence.

The senator and member of the Health Commission considered that it is necessary to resume the work team that was made and has a consensus so that it can be a more agile procedure.

In accordance with the preliminary draft of the General Health Law and the Federal Penal Code, it is prohibited to consume psychoactive cannabis in mass concurrence points where people under eighteen years of age can access it, including places where alcohol consumption is prohibited in accordance with regulations. municipal or mayoralties of Mexico City, as well as any other place where people are or could be exposed to the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

Failure to comply with this point will be sanctioned with a fine of 60 to 300 times the daily value of the Measurement and Updating Unit, that is, about 10 thousand 320 to 51 thousand 600 pesos, which will be doubled in case of recidivism, prior warning of such sanction, or with the incommutable arrest of 24 hours by the competent authorities or community work for 20 hours. In subsequent ones, the fine and community work will be doubled, or the arrest will be increased to 36 hours.

People who, in the exercise of their rights and freedoms, carry out activities related to self-consumption for recreational use must be limited to the possession of six psychoactive cannabis plants, as well as the product of the harvest of the plantation per person, which must remain in the home or house of the person who consumes it.

In addition, it is proposed to add the prohibition of marketing in authorized establishments the sale of more than 28 grams per person, “in order to maintain control of psychoactive cannabis trade activities, without affecting the free development of personality, since the indicated weight is considered sufficient to exercise said right through daily consumption, however, in the event that they intended to consume more than the established quantity, consumers have the possibility of buying in another authorized establishment within their reach.

It is clarified that only persons who have the corresponding license may market psychoactive cannabis and its products, exclusively within the establishments authorized for that purpose, in the terms provided in this ordinance, and the applicable legislation.

The creation of the Mexican Institute for the Regulation and Control of Psychoactive Cannabis is established, which will be constituted as a decentralized body of the Ministry of Health. Its organization and powers will be governed in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Regulation of Psychoactive Cannabis.

The draft, which will still be discussed in joint commissions, establishes that it is prohibited to exceed the percentage of levels of THC, CBD, or the combination of both, authorized by the Institute.

Likewise, it prohibits their being mixed with other substances such as alcohol, nicotine, tobacco, caffeine, energy drinks, or any other, whether considered psychotropic or not, that actually or potentially increases the effects of psychoactive cannabis.

It will also be prohibited that the product is not packaged and labeled in the forms and with the seals authorized by the institute and that the person holding the license carries out activities that are not included in it.

It is prohibited to consume psychoactive cannabis in any establishment with public access, as well as in public and private elementary, secondary and higher education schools and government facilities, and in any place where the use of tobacco is prohibited in accordance with the General Law for the Tobacco control.

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