Drug Cartel violence Mexican Army, State and Police reinforce security in Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Security in this region has been reinforced by the Mexican Army, the State, and municipal Police, due to the violence unleashed in the neighboring state of Colima.

In this entity, the fight between drug cartels has unleashed violence in recent days, for which soldiers monitor the borders of Jalisco with Colima, which is connected through federal highway 200.

Governor Enrique Alfaro confirmed that he has reinforced the southern border of Jalisco with Colima and Michoacán, in operations involving two levels of government, federal and state.

Likewise, in Puerto Vallarta, the BOM (Mixed Operations Base) Operatives returned, with municipal police, National Guard, Navy and Mexican Army in convoys to monitor and guarantee security in the neighborhoods.

On the other hand, yesterday, elements of the 41st Military Zone seized and burned 3,000 marijuana plants in a clandestine plantation near Mascota.

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Source: vallartaenlinea.com

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