Son of AMLO José Ramón López Beltrán declares: “my income comes from my work”


Carolyn Adams, wife of López Obrador’s eldest son, spoke in a statement, and said to make available to the authorities the evidence that they are not committing any crime

After the controversy in which José Ramón López Beltrán, son of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, was involved in his house in Houston, this Friday night he finally ruled on his income.

The eldest son of the Mexican president said that his income is thanks to his work as a lawyer and he has no interference in his father’s administration, this after the report by journalist Carlos Loret de Mola who pointed out that he lived in a house in Houston owned by a senior executive of Baker Hughes, a Pemex contractor.

“I am a private citizen, and I have no interference in the Mexican government. My income comes one hundred percent from my work in Houston. There was not and there will be no conflict of interest. I ask you to respect my private life and that of my family,” says José Ramón in the statement, in which he also makes it known that since 2018 he has practiced as a lawyer, until he went to settle in the United States with his family.

“Currently and since 2020 I work as a development and construction legal advisor for KEI Partners, a private company in Houston through which I received my TN work visa,” he says. in a short statement.

And he states that he is a private citizen without interference in the Government of Mexico, also that his income comes one hundred percent from his work in Houston: “There was not and there will be no conflict of interest. I ask you to respect my private life and that of my family”, he concludes.

Similarly, Carolyn Adams, wife of José Ramón López Beltrán, shared a statement from her Instagram account, and even attached some screenshots of the negotiations at the time of renting the controversial house in Houston.

“In recent weeks my family has been seriously exposed by countless false news published in different media outlets, defaming and slandering us, disturbing our private lives, something that is inadmissible. Everything that has been said and published about us in reference to any association with the Baker Hughes company is FALSE.”

Likewise, he reveals that he studied in San Diego, where he obtained the Bill Clinton The William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship, “which projected me to study and do my internship in the United Arab Emirates, where I began to work in the energy sector and a few years later with the Royal family of the Emirates.

She clarified that when he formalized a family with José Ramón, they decided to leave Mexico to preserve their privacy and “not cause any kind of conflict of interest. We have always worked and TOGETHER we will continue to build with and for our children”.

He also clarifies the origin of the house in which he currently lives with his family, which he said they are renting, and said that he would make the evidence available to the corresponding authorities.