Mexico, among the 3 best countries for teleworking and vacations


The world’s leading travel search engine, Kayak, revealed that Mexico is placed among the top three tourist destinations in North and Central America in the Travel and Work Index, an interactive microsite of the search engine that allows travelers to choose the best country that fits your work and travel needs.

The pandemic, in addition to bringing significant changes to people’s daily lives, modified the work scheme, forcing companies to opt for hybrid models that would allow professionals to work remotely.

This transition pushed many to become digital nomads and travel around the world, taking the computer to their next destination to enjoy the “bleisure” scheme, in which work and pleasure are combined.

The Work and Travel Index ranks 111 countries on their remote working conditions and vacation opportunities, across six categories: travel, local prices, health and safety, infrastructure for work, social life, and climate.

Mexico ranked third on the list of countries located in North and Central America for finding the perfect vacation and working remotely, scoring 75 points.

According to Kayak users, our country has one of the lowest prices for local food in the region, as well as low prices for long-term apartment rentals and restaurants. It also has fast internet speed, offers a remote work visa, and has plenty of air connections.

Costa Rica had the highest score in this ranking with a final score of 86. It ranked 1st in the social life category and 2nd in health and safety. It is very stable politically, with little violence, and is respectful of the LGBT+ community. In addition, it offers a remote work visa and has affordable prices.

In second place was Panama with a final score of 85. It scored well in the local prices category, with very low prices for hotels, car rentals, and fuel. In addition, it has many favorable conditions for remote work, such as the remote work visa and high-speed internet, and it has the best climate in the region.

Working remotely means having calls or receiving emails during business hours in the country of origin. Taking this need into account, the microsite also has an interactive section dedicated to learning about the best countries to work in according to the time zone.

Lise Vives, country manager of Kayak in Mexico, commented “We developed our first Travel and Work Index with the necessary tools to help travelers plan their vacations while working remotely.”

“We are very pleased that Mexico has distinguished itself in the North and Central America category for being a country that offers highly competitive work and travel conditions. By having affordable prices and high connectivity, it is positioned as one of the favorite countries for professionals who also want to enjoy an incredible destination while working remotely”, he added.

Kayak also recommends that travelers who plan to visit abroad review its map of restrictions, where all the updated details come about the countries that are open or closed for Mexicans, the various restrictions of each one including airports, hotels, restaurants and attractions; as well as information on the percentage of the population vaccinated against Covid-19 in the destination.

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