Vidanta Cruises will set sail from Puerto Vallarta to Mazatlan taking tourists to Nayarit resorts


The multimillion-dollar and controversial hotel, timeshare, and vacation firm Grupo Vidata announced that its first passenger ship will set sail from Puerto Vallarta on April 19.

After presenting its cruise and delaying the first trips for almost 3 years, now the firm has decided to start selling the first trips in its new company “Vidanta Cruises”.

Vidanta Cruises: La Primera Línea Mexicana

According to the information released by Vidanta, the “Elegant” will be the first of a total of 5 ships that will carry travelers across the ocean from the Mexican coast, in an initial stage.

In this way, the first trip that Grupo Vidanta will sell to its target market, which is the sector with high purchasing power and luxury through Vidanta Cruises, will be one of 3 days and 2 nights from Puerto to Mazatlan, round trip.

Nayarit will be the destination

However, it is very important to highlight that, for the first time in the history of the region, Bahía de Banderas, specifically Nuevo Vallarta (Nuevo Nayarit), will be the final destination for cruisers, and not Puerto Vallarta.

Since Grupo Vidanta will sell the cruise packages along with the lodging packages within its gigantic complex of hotels and amusement parks along the Ameca River, on the Nayarit side.

Alistan Vidanta Elegant, el primer crucero de lujo mexicano - Grupo Milenio

There will be direct transportation from the Puerto Vallarta maritime terminal to Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta and vice versa. Thus marking the beginning of an era in which the state of Nayarit will also use the Puerto Vallarta maritime terminal to receive tourists, just as it already does with the Airport.


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