Teenager hid his little brothers before he was kidnapped and killed in Jalisco


Eduardo Salomón Puertos Gaytán hid his younger brothers and called his father for help

Eduardo Salomón Puertos Gaytán, 16, was found dead this Sunday, February 6, after being abducted from his home in the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, in Jalisco.

Through a statement, the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office (FE), reported what happened:

“As part of the investigation on the Disappearance Committed by Private Individuals of a teenager that occurred last Friday, February 4 in the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, personnel from the State Prosecutor’s Office carried out search operations permanent in different points thanks to which a farm was secured in which the young man was found dead, ”the statement read.

Eduardo Salomón would have been taken from his home on Friday, February 4 around 2:30 p.m., after the arrival of unknown individuals at his house, who knocked loudly on the main door demanding that it be opened for them.

The minor asked his two younger brothers to hide in the bathroom, while he called his father to inform him of the situation; Eduardo Salomón Puertos, his father, instructed him not to open the door and take refuge.

Subsequently, the subjects managed to enter by force, which was heard by the minor’s father, who received requests for help from his son, as he stated in an interview for local media:

“It eats my heart out because I keep hearing: ‘help me, dad'”, said the man and then continued: “he must be very scared. He knows that he did not do anything wrong, he knows that he took care of his brothers for the sole reason that he told them to go to the bathroom, he preferred to be him ”.

After the events, the relatives of the minor filed a complaint with the FE, a unit that carried out procedures to find his whereabouts, which resulted in the location of his lifeless body.

“As a consequence of these investigations, agents of the Special Prosecutor for Disappeared Persons (FEPD) obtained information from a farm in the Centro neighborhood of that municipality in which the vehicles participating in the events could have been located,” reported the local prosecutor’s office.

They also reported that a search of the home was carried out, which was ordered by a local control judge; At the site, the vehicle that was allegedly used to kidnap the minor was seized, as well as tactical vests and sharp objects.

The lifeless body of another person was also found at the site, which has not been identified by the authorities and whose corpse, like that of Eduardo Salomón, will be analyzed by personnel from the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences, who will determine the causes. of his death.

“The investigation work related to the investigation folder derived from the disappearance of the adolescent will continue permanently in order to locate those responsible for this fact and society will be informed through official communication channels of the investigation progress”, reported the FE.

The father of the minor assured that his son worked and stayed out of conflicts. But according to social network users, Eduardo could have been part of a network of young hit men, and that would have been the reason for his kidnapping and subsequent murder.

Source: Vanguardia

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