How many businesses in Mexico would have problems for pirating a corporate name?


As a result of the UEFA confirming the litigation against a pizzeria, because the nice and creative name violates the copyright of the main European tournament at club level, ‘Champignons League’, we recount the Mexican cases

Can you imagine that all the big corporations dedicated themselves to tracking down businesses that pirate the symbol of their brands to appropriate them, and sue them?

Surely in Mexico, there would not be enough public ministries to handle all the cases, because if something is left over it is creativity. 

UEFA starts legal battle with pizzeria for the “Champignons League”

UEFA sued a pizzeria this week for naming one of its dishes the “Champignons League”, which would violate copyright.

The European Football Union (UEFA) is taking legal action against a pizzeria in Giessen. The organization is immersed in a legal battle against the food establishment because “Pizza Wolke” offers a pizza with the name of “Champignons League”.

The company appears to be violating the licensing rights of the European Football Union, which has protected the term “Champions League” for the premier class in European club football. 

In this specific case, the pizzeria continues to take advantage of the fame, and its owners published on social networks: 

“Long live CHAMPI(G)NONS LEAGUE pizza! I feel honored! Like a soccer kid! A lawsuit from UEFA? Really? It just shows us that we are absolutely on the right track! My gang and I are on a journey and we won’t stop until we’re in all the chests and eventually all the ovens! A man! A pizza! Let’s see how far it goes! BUY THE BEST MUSHROOM PIZZA IN THE WORLD!”

The German press reports that the European Football Union confirmed litigation since that name would violate the copyright of the main European tournament: the Champions League.

Protecting the rights of one of the world’s best-known brands is an arduous task.

The downside of the huge worldwide interest in the UEFA championships is that many see it as an opportunity to associate themselves, their products, or their services with the success and reputation of these sporting events.

This challenges UEFA’s ability to finance the championships.

UEFA relies on revenue from sponsorship deals with official partners to finance the championships.

Official partners pay for the privilege of being associated with the championship, in exchange for guarantees of exclusivity.

This makes the protection of competition-related rights a top priority for UEFA, an increasingly daunting task given the scale, diversity, and effects of the infringements being committed.

Creative Mexicans or Copyright violation?


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