81 police officers have been murdered in the state of Puebla in a three-year period


81 police officers have been murdered in the Mexican state of Puebla in the exercise of their duty, according to the Murdered Police report , from the Common-Cause organization.

In 2018, Puebla registered 30 police officers killed in the performance of their duties, but the figure was reduced in 2019, when 22 agents perished. By 2020 the figure reached 15 murders, while so far in 2022 Puebla has not reported any murders against police officers.

It is worth mentioning that the state of Puebla closed 2021 with 14 police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The most recent events occurred on the night of November 19, when members of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat of Tecamachalco murdered three agents of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) .

The first murder against a Municipal Public Security agent was perpetrated on January 16, 2021 against Ceferino Márquez Hernández, who belonged to the Xicotepec corporation; he had eight years of service.

The second death was recorded in the early hours of February 7 in the Tercer Barrio area of ​​the Huejotzingo municipality , where municipal police officer Saturnino Ramos was beaten and shot by a group of armed men whiñe officer Ramos ws trying to stop a fight.

On March 10, 2021, state police officers Pedro Sánchez Lima and Óscar Noberto Ríos were ambushed by an armed group. The ambush took place between the limits of Jolalpan-Tlaucingo.

One more incident occurred on March 20, when municipal police officer Víctor Adrián Torres, 20, along with his partner, were traveling on Kawasaki 069 and 047 motorcycles, when they were run over by the driver of a Volkswagen Jetta, who was allegedly intoxicated.

According to Common Cause, in 2020 the number of police officers killed in the line of duty was 524, an average of 1.42 per day. The states with the most deaths were Guanajuato with 84, the State of Mexico with 39, Veracruz with 39, Guerrero with 37 and Chihuahua with 35. 

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