Tlaxcala, Mexico and Jackson, Wyoming are now officially sister cities

Jackson, Wyoming (Photo: Tripadvisor)

JACKSON, Wyo. — On Dec. 20 the Jackson Town Council passed resolution #21-29, establishing a sister city relationship with Tlaxcala Mexico.

According to the resolution read by Mayor Hailey Morton Levinson, “Tlaxcala and Jackson are directly linked by shared cultural heritage as many Tlaxcaltecas have moved to, worked in, and settled in Jackson over the last 30 years.”

Jackson Hole High School student Lockland Brown spoke during the meeting.

Brown is a senior and the club president of the Tlaxcala project through the Model UN club.

He said, “I’m happy to report that at the end of may we will be sending 16 students from our high school to Tlaxcala as well as three teachers on a student ambassador project.”

“We really think at the high school this is an important step in connecting the Latino and Anglo communities at our school by going through with this project,” Brown said.

The city of Tlaxcala Mexico. Photo: Alyse & Remi

Jackson Hole High School Teacher Jeff Brazil also spoke. He said, “I want to credit the students that took the initiative to create this ambassador program.”

“We look forward to hosting a group of students in May 2023 and really developing the cooperative,” Brazil said.

The resolution was passed unanimously. Since 1965 Jackson has had a sister city relationship with Lienz Austria.

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