Dirty image of downtown Puerto Vallarta; urgent cleaning needed


Followers of Tribuna de la Bahía, sent us the following citizen complaint, where they point out the lack of deep maintenance to the first square of the Historic Center of Puerto Vallarta, which should be a priority to give the best face to national and foreign visitors who They arrive with high expectations of this tourist destination.

Locals and strangers, unfortunately, you can see in the Plaza de Armas and the Kiosco, between Juárez and Morelos, just at the beginning of the boardwalk and the Independencia walkway, with dripping dusters, garbage accumulated in CFE registers and in nooks and crannies of planters, sidewalks, in addition to taps with cracks.

The dust and earth are found accumulated in the joints of the pavement with the sidewalks; the garbage deposits need a wash, in addition to how bad the black bags look, as well as plastics and structures that some semi-fixed vendors leave around. 

The planters are a separate point: the lack of pruning and a harmonic design is noticeable. Due to the above, it would be important the intervention of the Directorate of Property Maintenance and Intendancy, in addition to Municipal Public Services.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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