Despegar travel company reveals the international destinations preferred by Mexicans


The leading travel company in Latin America, Despegar, conducted a study to determine the international destinations preferred by Mexican travelers for 2022.

In order of interest, the most attractive countries and cities for Mexicans this year are the United States with New York, Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami; it is followed by Madrid, Spain; Paris France; Bogota Colombia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Vancouver, Canada.

Among the reasons why these destinations are the most sought after by Mexicans to visit this year, it stands out that they have outdoor attractions, which allows keeping a healthy distance and sanitary protocols while living great experiences.

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In addition, according to Despegar, 92 percent of Mexican travelers are inclined towards tourist products and services that have flexible policies and highlights the trend towards the search for tourist services with sanitary protocols, where nine out of 10 Mexicans look for hotels that comply with these measures.

“The trend in the search for destinations shows that Mexican travelers are diversifying their interests to travel this 2022, now they are willing to reach more distant places because compared to the previous year, destinations such as: Dubai, Canada, and France are incorporated. This speaks to us of the passion for traveling and finding new experiences in unknown places or places that are not usually visited so often,” said Alejandro Calligaris, country manager of Grupo Despegar Mexico.

The travel company recommends to Mexican tourists that before planning or visiting the destination, they inform themselves about the protocols they request in the country they want to visit; as well as confirm if you need to present a PCR test with a negative result for Covid-19.

It also suggests choosing accommodation that has sanitary protocols and opting for flexible reservations; and finally, buying travel insurance to have a backup in case of facing an unforeseen event.

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