Queretaro residents of Colinas de Menchaca, tired of insecurity, detain a thief and set fire to his vehicle


After several neighbors tired of the insecurity in the area and the inaction on the part of the authorities, met and held a thief who is already identified in the area, they decided to set fire to the unit in which he was looking to retire.

It was at the intersection of Peñamiller and Cerro Gordo in the Colinas de Menchaca II neighborhood, where organized neighbors managed to intercept the passage of the Nissan truck, to lower its driver and hold him until the arrival of the authorities.

With the information provided by the neighbors themselves, the detained subject is identified as one of those responsible for the robbery of a home, pointing out that the occasions in which they have been arrested and some of them have been presented to the Prosecutor’s Office, the day after their arrest, are seen in total freedom, which has generated discontent among the neighbors.

It was also pointed out that when police intervention is requested, it takes time for the units to arrive and, on some occasions, for the thieves to escape.

The organized neighbors informed the media that they were fed up with the inaction of the police and the lack of response from the authorities.

Given these facts, the police became aware of and rescued the thief who was detained by the neighbors, without specifying to which authority he was sent.

The police reported the following on their social media account: “Police personnel transfer to the corresponding authority a person held by neighbors, in the vicinity of the Colinas de Menchaca neighborhood, after being related to a possible illegal act recorded in the area with anteriority. After being removed from the place, neighbors caused damage to the vehicle in which he was traveling, with no record of injured people. The information collected on the site is shared with the corresponding authority. It is worth mentioning that the aforementioned area is kept under surveillance by our elements in coordination with @poesqro, while the unit that was burned is removed by crane.

Source: elqueretano.info

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