Chiapas receives its 1st cruise ship in over 2 years reactivating Puerto Chiapas as a cruising destination

The Seabourn Ovation cruise ship with 440 passengers and 422 crew

Given the opening of ports, the arrival of two other cruise ships is expected, one for January 8 and another for January 18

The Seabourn Ovation cruise ship with 440 passengers and 422 crew, from Miami, docked for an hour in Puerto Chiapas, becoming the first vessel to arrive in national waters in 2022.

Alexander Fleck del Pino, general director of the Nativo Tour company, said that this is the first cruise that has been received as a shipping company in the last two years that Puerto Chiapas was closed due to the health contingency due to the coronavirus.

PUERTO CHIAPAS It is currently considered one of the 16 main high seas ports in Mexico since it begins to have an economic export activity. In addition, Puerto Chiapas offers those seeking close contact with a mystical, exotic, and natural world, the door to a magical place with fascinating tours of the area, enjoying unparalleled natural beauties, alternative tourism, ecotourism, and archeology.

Puerto Chiapas is generating its own identity, different from the rest of the ports, taking advantage of unique products such as amber, marimba, and archaeological sites.

A variety of products have been developed based on ecotourism and on the main economic activities in the Soconusco region, such as coffee, mango, banana, cocoa, and exotic flowers.

He mentioned that the arrival of this cruise ship was not scheduled, which is small and that it left an economic spill of 10 thousand dollars in this city.

He explained that only 30 percent of the passengers got off the ship that arrived this Tuesday from Miami and is already on its way to Huatulco, Oaxaca.

He explained that he had been at sea for 14 days and Puerto Chiapas was the first place where he docked for the first time since leaving Miami.

He assured that they are working very hard to reactivate the economy of all the ports of the country and Puerto Chiapas is not the meaning, therefore, they are inviting all the shipping companies that arrive at this port.

“We believe in the capacity of the Chiapas Port and we are doing the job and we are having a good response from the shipping companies, proof of this is the arrival of this cruise,” he added.

He stressed that the arrival of two other cruise ships is expected, one for January 8 and another for January 18, given the opening that all the country’s ports are having.

The Zuiderdam Ship arrives at Puerto Chiapas * With more than 1,600 Passengers and Crew

” They were two very hard years and they left economic losses for millions of pesos, however, with the policy of this federal government to open the country’s ports, the economy will improve,” he said.

Finally, he said Puerto Chiapas is the gateway to national territory and has the necessary depth to receive any cruise that wants to visit this port in the Mexican Pacific.

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