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Marathoner runs 3,000 kilometers to show the best of Mexico

The Mexican Germán Silva, the two-time winner of the New York Marathon, has completed 3,000 kilometers of a daily run as of Monday, which began 60 days ago as part of a campaign with which he wants to show the world the best of his country.

“Show Mexico what it is like, not how they paint it. Sometimes they tell us that Mexico is violent, it is drug trafficking and it is not that. Of the 60 days that we have been running every day, we have not had a single mishap, they have only given words and pats of encouragement to me and my team along the way, “he said.

Silva set a goal for himself two months ago: to travel through Mexico and show landscapes, traditions, good, hard-working, and positive people. Showing that kind Mexico is the soul of ‘Pinole’, as he called the project that began on the northern border of the country and must travel a total of 5,400 kilometers.

Expect to complete the challenge in 47 more days.

Silva, who turned 54 this Sunday, has already traveled to ten provincial states of the country. You have nine left.

The Mexican conquered the New York Marathon in 1994 and 1995, was second in the Oslo Half Marathon in 1994, and sixth in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

“There is no better way to get to know the veins of Mexico than by running. When you measure everything you travel in 50 kilometers and then multiply it by the days that you are running and the places that you visit, it is something impressive ”, he considered.

Anyone could wonder why travel 5,400 kilometers in Mexico, from north to south. For Silva the reason is to show what he considers 90 percent of the country, what the media hide.

“I lived in Holland for a while. There he hated that the news from Mexico was bad and about drug trafficking and many things that the truth was nothing to do with. If you compare it in a percentage, 80 or 90 percent are beautiful things in our Mexico, a minimum percentage is what they sell in the notes, “he added.

He clarified that “Mexico through its veins” is not about showing tourist places or places known for their beauty and attractiveness.

“They are horseback roads, of the Revolution, the route that Pancho Villa made in Chihuahua, the Sierra Tarahumara, the Sierra Gorda,” he said.

“There is no extreme effort if you prepare for it and have a strategy,” he concluded.

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