The highest priority in Mexico is to reduce the violence


Mexico City. The highest priority of the Mexican government is to reduce violence, said the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, at the opening of the 33rd meeting of ambassadors and consuls, where he questioned that there is “a deliberate action to produce weapons for a growing market ”, That of organized crime.

The official announced in this regard that Mexico will take to all multilateral areas the lawsuit already filed in the United States against companies that manufacture weapons, especially light ones, whose use explains the increase in homicides and femicides in Latin America.

When presenting to Mexican diplomats the priorities of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for this year, he said that “the highest is to reduce violence” and therefore “requires the action of the SRE to reduce arms trafficking” and cited the “Unprecedented lawsuit whose purpose is to impact production” and its destination to organized crime.

The government of Mexico has moral authority and political prestige, that is why it obtains results abroad, he said, highlighting that, contrary to what was predicted, “we were not villagers, we did not confront the United States and we have a significant international presence.”

Ebrard reiterated that 100 countries have already adhered to the proposal presented by the president at the United Nations, to contribute funds to a world fraternity plan, which would be constituted through a fund of one billion dollars to support 750 million people in poverty.

During the inauguration -which was attended by the Secretaries of Defense, Luis Crescencio Sandoval; Marina, Rafael Ojeda: Public Safety, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, and Labor, Luisa María Alcalde, as well as federal legislators-, Ebrard said that the President asks the Mexican foreign service to participate in the economic recovery of the country; continue to obtain vaccines and medicines against covid 19, “to be able to be in a timely manner to avoid a greater impact on the economy and the population.”

He stressed that in 2021, the work of the Mexican foreign service managed to obtain sufficient vaccines against covid 19, a success that is reflected in the figure of more than 200 million doses sent to the country, registered today.

In an issue that has caused criticism from diplomatic staff, Ebrard announced that the President entrusted the SRE to launch a promotion contest, a new entry plan and gender equality, as well as “other innovations that he will tell you about tomorrow” in the scheduled meeting with the president at the National Palace.

He also mentioned that López Obrador wants them to participate in the recovery of Mexico’s historical heritage, and maintain the strategy that those who offer pieces at auctions demonstrate their legal origin. “Forward with this cause,” he said.

Ebrard said that support for the Mexican community abroad will continue and the presence and support of consulates will be reinforced, “with all resources.”


Mexico Daily Post