In 2 weeks, Covid-19 infections in Los Cabos grow to 995


Juan Carlos Costich Pérez, director of Health in the municipality of Los Cabos, indicated that efforts are being redoubled in the detection of Covid-19 in order to discourage the Sars Cov 2 contagion curve; According to the statistics of active cases in the south of the state, in 4 days there have been 156 assets, while in 2 weeks there were 995.

 Efforts to detect Covid-19 are redoubled

According to the statistics managed by the Covid-19 page of the State Government, they refer that last December 18 there were 604 active cases, while on January 4 the figure went to 1,443 and this January 8 to 1,000. 599.

Costich Pérez, said that this action will be carried out in the middle of the peninsula, because it is an instruction issued by state authorities, so efforts were redoubled in the application of rapid detection tests for Covid-19 in the 5 municipalities.

He added that other actions to be developed are to promote vaccination in the population, especially in minors, in addition to reinforcement for older adults, as well as for laggards and health personnel.

He also indicated that another task to be carried out to discourage the rise of infections in the municipality is to carry out rapid tests on people who present symptoms of Covid-19, so the suspects must go to the free test modules.

He stressed that it is important to continue with health protocols, such as the correct use of face masks, constant hand washing, application of antibacterial gel and keeping healthy social distance, in addition to the fact that authorities revalue the issue of returning to classes and that it is tentatively managed to January 17.

“It depends on us, not to be returning to the Health Alert Traffic Light, the red lights were lit by the number of hospitalized, that is, having in week 51, 3 bedridden in hospitals and the first epidemiological week of 2022 the 25 is that health authorities decide to go down one level ”.

He added that there is time to avoid another setback at the traffic light, it is necessary for the population to help and support us, so that together, hand in hand, society and the government stop the high rates of infections in the municipality.

He concluded that health authorities and more government areas will be conducting inspection tours of businesses, both in convenience stores and shopping centers, to verify that they continue with the protection measures.


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