Federal government will deliver houses to hundreds of families affected by Maya Train right of way in Campeche


Campeche, Camp. (January 6, 2022).- In the following months, the construction of 300 to 400 homes is expected to be finished in several municipalities of Campeche, this was announced by Fonatur, stating that this will bring great benefits to the construction sector.

The economic impact for this sector will bring opportunities for professional development for all, but especially for the creation of more jobs that is intended not only to support young people but also people of all ages.

It was also said that after completing the construction of these houses, they will be delivered to families living on the right of way in the south-southeast of Mexico where the Maya Train railroad will pass.

The construction of the houses will be in charge of a team of architects who will work with unique designs for families so that they can have a home with estimated durability of 100 years.

Another goal is to provide houses to workers who have had difficulties contributing to Infonavit and who require aid in that sense, it should be noted that for this purpose, millionaire resources will be invested to build in at least 6 municipalities.

Source: Por Esto

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