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4.4 magnitude earthquake shakes Oaxaca; was noticeable in CDMX

This Wednesday, an earthquake of magnitude 4.4 was registered in the municipality of Pinotepa Nacional, in Oaxaca, which they say was noticeable in some areas of Mexico City.

The National Seismological Service detailed through Twitter that the earthquake occurred at 09:20 hours and had an epicenter 14 kilometers southeast of said municipality, with a depth of seven kilometers.

“Preliminary Result of the #Equake registered on January 5, 2022 in the #CDMX at 09:20:43 hrs. Whose effects have been mostly Very Weak to Weak”.

Authorities ruled out victims and material damage after the earthquake.

The effects of the earthquake, according to the Mexico City Acceleration Network, ranged from “very weak” to “slight” in areas of Mexico, while in the southern, central, western and northern areas of the country’s capital, they were “very weak” to “light”

For its part, the Mexican Seismic Alert System (SASMEX) reported that the quake is not warranted to seismic alert because the estimation of energy in the first few seconds no volume outpaced the limits.

“Earthquake detected on 05-Jan-22 at 09:20:43 hrs. NO SEISMIC ALERT SOUNDS because the energy estimate in the first seconds did not exceed the pre-established levels. Near sensor: #Oaxaca coast 15 km to the southeast from #PinotepaNacional “.

How to prepare an Emergency Backpack in case of earthquake or floods

In CDMX, earthquakes are usually a recurring theme, since having municipal governments in seismic areas, when there are earthquakes they become very perceptible to the extent that there is a risk of collapse of a building.

It is important to choose light, personal-size, easy-to-open, and energizing foods to include in the Emergency Backpack. (Photo: EFE / Alejandro Zepeda)

The backpack must be made of waterproof materials, with reinforced seams and that can be used on the back, this in order to be able to move the arms without problem.

Likewise, it is important that it is adapted to the needs of each family, and if possible have one both at home, in the car and at the workplace.

According to the National Center for Disaster Prevention ( Cenapred ), the items that the kit should contain to deal with emergency situations are:

Flashlight: it  is possible that the movement of the earthquake will damage the light installations, for this reason it is important to have a flashlight with batteries

Radio without internet, TV or telephone networks:  this device will allow us to stay informed, accompanied and attentive to any alert as well as recommendations issued by the authorities

Water:  use bottled bottled water, preferably still

Non-perishable foods:  Canned food is always a good option. It is important to choose foods that are light, personal-sized, easy to open, and provide energy.

Warm clothes:  blanket, clothes, raincoat and an extra pair of shoes

During 2021, 28,264 earthquakes were recorded in Mexico, according to data from the Project for the dissemination of seismic, meteorological and volcanic information Sismo Alert Mexicana through its earthquake report. (Photo: @InjuveCDMX)

Lighter or matches

Whistle:  generally it is to request help in case of being trapped

Photocopy of important documents or saved in a USB

Copy of the keys to your house: it  may be that in the rush and nerves when leaving your house you lose the keys, so we recommend you have a copy

Medicines or cans of milk:  If there are babies, people with medical treatment or older adults in a family, some specific products should be included such as bottles, baby food, medicines, cans of milk and diapers

Additional:  cash, pen and notebook, antibacterial gel and mask, pet food, multipurpose knife, grooming supplies

During 202128 thousand 264 earthquakes were registered in Mexico, according to data from the Project for the dissemination of seismic, meteorological and volcanic information Sismo Alert Mexicana  through its earthquake report, the one with the highest intensity was 7.1 magnitude, Richter scale, with epicenter in Guerrero.

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