San Miguel de Allende Expat business owner assaults Mexican tourist


SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE.- A video shared on social networks through the page San Miguel Noticias con Valor shows how a man of foreign origin, identified as the owner, assaults two of the diners.

According to the citizen complaint shared on the page, It happened on the night of December 28, when a couple went to dinner at a restaurant called Zumo Limón rooftop, which is It is located on Quebrada street, next to the point that crosses Canal Street

According to the Zumo Lim’ón page, the place is run by Vanessa Villegas and Stewart Haverlack, a man who appears in the video and the one they point to in an apparently drunken state at the time of attacking and yelling at Mexicans….

In the complaint, they point out that the man of foreign origin, who apparently set up a business in San Miguel de Allende. He harassed and provoked diners in an act of discrimination by asking “Where are the Americans?”
(Where are the Americans really?) »

According to the Zumo Limón page, the restaurant is also very helpful for events of weddings, Stewart Haverlack along with Vanessa Villegas combines more than 45 years of experience in hospitality and catering in Mexico, United States, and Europe.

His commitment to excellent service is reflected in his attention to every detail making his visit to San Miguel de Allende.

The Zumo Villa Limón page says that Vanessa Villegas and Stewart Haverlack are the owners of the place.


Last night, December 28, we went to celebrate the birthday of my partner to the Zumo restaurant that is located on Quebrada de San Miguel street Allende, the owner was too drunk, yelled and said «Where are the Americans» our table is on the side and he came to speak to us, as we had already seen taken my partner told him we were not interested and to withdraw (in that At the moment we did not know who was the owner) he got too upset and pulled a chair our table, while he insulted us and ran from his restaurant, telling us that he was the owner and he kept insulting us, my partner told me to leave and we stopped but he followed us and cornered us in the back, the waiters stopped him and it was there where The video was recorded, the owner when he saw that he recorded it, he held my hand to throw my cell phone, while he kept cornering us in the back of the restaurant, the waiters distracted him and we were able to go down the stairs, a waiter who he was the manager, he called us a taxi and told us how sorry they were. “

Quebrada Street is where the restaurant where the alleged act of discrimination by an American against a Mexican, in Mexican lands

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