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New Holiday tradition sets sail in Rocky Point

On Sunday, December 19th, Puerto Peñasco held its first Nautical Christmas Light Parade, which was warmly welcomed by throngs of locals and residents alike.

Photo: Del Mar Charters

The highly anticipated evening parade postponed a day due to weather conditions, included twenty boats ranging in all shapes and sizes, each decorated in holiday lights and ornaments. The holiday sea-lights parade made its way from the docks toward the malecón, skirting the calm sea at a distance from the Sandy Beach resort complexes, before returning to the wharf under a cacophony of fireworks and applause. Arguably, the best up-close viewing was from the area near the docks though the line of bright lights was also enjoyable to many gazing from afar.

Photo: Comunicación Social. Puerto Peñasco

Puerto Peñasco’s first Nautical Christmas Light Parade, organized by the City in conjunction with Cuéntanos Peñasco media outlet, aimed to celebrate Christmastime and hometown identity at sea.

Given the tremendously positive response to the first Nautical Christmas Light parade, the local administration plans to establish it as a traditional December event for the SEAson, along with artistic festivals, holiday fairs, and more.  Goals are to encourage more participation from the private sector, and the community overall, to help keep this a family-oriented event while promoting tourism during a time of the year that tends to be slower.

Photo: Eco Fun Adventures. 2021


Following the Dec. 19th holiday sea parade, a call was put out on social media to gather more lights for a future Nautical Christmas Light Parade:

The 1st annual boat parade was SUCH a success, but about 15 boats didn’t enter due to the cost of lights. Before packing away your excess lights this year, bring them down NOW & they will be saved for next year’s parade!

You can drop lights off at Baja Cantina or Encantame Towers Sandy Beach office.

Photo: Del Mar Charters

Source: rockypoint360.com

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