Nissan Mexico will close 2021 with 12 consecutive years as a leader in sales


From January to November 2021, Nissan reprinted that it has sold 186,485 vehicles.

Despite the adversities caused by the shortage of supplies worldwide, Nissan Mexicana classifies 2021 as a “relevant year”, which, upon reaching 60 years of presence in the country, achieved the milestone of 12 uninterrupted years as a leader in vehicle sales at the national level and in the preference of Mexican customers, with its March vehicle at the national level and Versa , a successful exporter.

“Nissan Mexicana closes this year 2021 with a renewed product portfolio with more than 60% progress. This ambitious plan began in 2019 and has continued uninterruptedly to reach all of Mexico, starting in 2019 with Nissan Altima and Nissan Versa in 2020 with Nissan Sentra, Nissan NP300, Nissan Frontier and in this year 2021 with Nissan March, Nissan Kicks, the renewal of Nissan V-Drive and Nissan Frontier V6 PRO-4X ”, highlighted Gerardo Fernández, senior director of Sales of Nissan Mexico.

From January to November 2021, Nissan has sold 186,485 vehicles, and maintains the leading position with a 20.3% market share.

The brand reported that four out of every 10 Pick-Ups sold in Mexico are Nissan brand and such is the preference of customers that, if NP300 and Frontier were a brand, they would be positioned at number 7 in the national ranking.

For its part, the March model was placed as the best-selling model in Mexico, with 20,413 units sold. “It was presented in February with an unprecedented proposal in safety, design and technology. Proudly produced in Mexico – at Nissan Aguascalientes Plant A1 -, Nissan March in its model year 2021, is available in three grades and six versions: Sense (TM / TA), Advance (TM / TA) and Exclusive (TM / TA) ” the company said.

Through a statement, the Japanese automaker reported that a goal has been established that by 2030 100% of the vehicles in the portfolio it has in some key markets will be electric, and by 2050 it seeks to achieve a carbon neutral goal in all company operations.

As part of the 60th Anniversary celebrations, Nissan Mexicana announced the arrival of e-POWER in Mexico, which represents a great milestone, making Mexico the first country in the region to integrate such technology, unique in the market, and which has been successful since its launch five years ago in Japan, as well as in various Asian markets, with the aim of bringing people to a better world, creating a carbon-neutral society and slowing the impact of climate change on societies in where Nissan operates.


Mexico Daily Post