Man from San Luis Potosi nearly killed by “stray bullet” while inside his home


For Leobardo Calleros Juárez, from San Luis Potosi, this month of December 2021 will hardly be forgotten, since he had a not very special “guest”, when a stray bullet hit his house, causing only material damage, but Leobardo got a good scare.

On Saturday, December 18th, after cleaning the kitchen, he went to the living room (just a few steps away), as soon as he sat down on the couch, the bullet hit and went into Leobardo’s kitchen.

“It took fractions of a second for this to happen and since I had just washed the dishes, I heard a noise so loud that I thought the dishes had fallen because my back was turned.”

He explained that he got up to see what was happening, he entered the kitchen there was a lot of dust in the air, he also perceived natural light coming from outside, he turned up and saw the hole in the ceiling, he thought it had been a bullet and took refuge in the door frame, where he stood for about 30 minutes until he was sure nobody was shooting anymore.

Photo: Alonso Moreno | Tribuna de San Luis

Likewise, he said that the bullet hit the floor, bounced towards a door, and dented it, apart from hitting a piece of wood; he saw the bullet and it was from a Kalashnikov AK-47, better known in Mexico as “goat’s horn” (Cuerno de Chivo), fortunately, nothing happened.

“Thank God nothing happened when an ignorant person decided to fire a gun into the air, for no specific reason.”

He published the incident on his social networks, in order to raise awareness since during the holidays many people shoot their guns into the air.

In addition, he recalled that a few years ago, a friend of his father lost his wife to a stray bullet, in addition to that she was pregnant, so two lives were lost, and precisely on these dates is when most of these “stray bullet” incidents occur.

He asked the community to become aware of this dangerous situation because a person can be killed and these types of incidents can be avoided if people do not shoot weapons into the air.

Photo: Alonso Moreno | Tribuna de San Luis

“It was something that I did not even expect and that no one expects, so death can come unexpectedly in the middle of a Christmas celebration with your family and friends, I am sharing it on social networks to be able to raise awareness so that people stop shooting into the air, because everything that goes up, has to come down, and a bullet is no exception”, Leobardo concluded.

Source: Tribuna San Luis

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