CDMX-Mexico City trendiest neighborhoods to live in 2022


New year … new apartment? If that’s one of your resolutions for next year, take a look at the 20 trendy colonias of 2022

CDMX is more than Roma, Condesa, Narvarte or Del Valle. The real estate offered in the city is very wide, you just have to take a look at the areas that are growing rapidly.

With the pandemic, the possibilities of having a remote job increased and, therefore, of living in any area of ​​the city and leaving downtown areas, says Cristina Palacios, Operations Director of the platform.

Therefore, here we leave you this list of the trendy colonies in 2022 with a good location where you can establish your next nest.

According to the specialist in the real estate sector, the availability of vertical housing or apartments in the city is increasing, so it will be an excellent option to move.

Be careful, the prices of the monthly rentals that we will show you below are an average of the total of apartments available for rent, so aspects such as dimensions, amenities, rooms, or other characteristics were not taken into account.

The 20 trendy neihboorhoods of 2022

Alvaro Obregon

In this mayor’s office, there are new housing developments, not only in Santa Fe but also in other areas such as San Ángel. The average rent is 20 thousand pesos. It also has important access roads.

● Colonia Carola $ 13 thousand pesos

● Colonia Olivar de los Padres $ 16 thousand pesos

● Colonia Tizapán $ 18 thousand pesos

Benito Juarez

It is one of the most desired municipalities to live in, but not everything is Del Valle and Narvarte. The general average income is 18 thousand pesos, but you find apt from 11 thousand pesos a month. 

● Colonia Álamos $ 11 thousand pesos

● Colonia Independencia $ 12 thousand pesos

● Colonia Mixcoac $ 14 thousand pesos

● Colonia San Juan $ 15 thousand pesos


Like Benito Juárez, this is another of the most requested demarcations when looking for a canton, especially for its great entertainment and gastronomic offer. Although the average price is 20 thousand pesos per month, there are apt that are around 10 thousand pesos per month.

● Colonia San Rafael $ 14 thousand pesos

● Colonia Algarín $ 11 thousand pesos

● Colonia Doctores $ 10.5 thousand pesos


In this area, a new supply of apartments is being generated, so there are good opportunities. The average rent is around 12,500 pesos per month.

● Colonia Insurgentes Cuicuilco $ 14 thousand pesos

● Colonia Chimalistac $ 15 thousand pesos

● Colonia Pedregal de Carrasco $ 17 thousand pesos

Magdalena Contreras

Although it is not one of the preferred municipalities of the city, the real estate offer is wide and you find apt from 15 thousand pesos a month. Here are the colonies that will have a great boom next year.

● Colonia San Jerónimo Lídice $ 18 thousand pesos

● Colonia San Jerónimo Aculco $ 16 thousand pesos


Located to the south of the city, it has an excellent connection with various areas of the city. In addition, the average price of an apartment for rent is 11,500 pesos per month.

● Farms Coapa $ 12 thousand pesos

● Colonia Toriello Guerra $ 14.5 thousand pesos

● Olympic Village $ 14 thousand pesos

Miguel Hidalgo

Polanco will always be the preferred area of ​​this mayor’s office, but there are other trendy 2022 neighborhoods that are more accessible. Although the average price is 32 thousand pesos, you can find apt from 11 thousand pesos.

● Colonia Argentina Poniente $ 11 thousand pesos

● Colonia Pensil Sur $ 17.5 thousand pesos

● Colonia Anáhuac I Secc. $ 18 thousand pesos

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